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7 Ways That the Appearance of Your Office Building Can Effect Business

By April 10, 2024April 15th, 2024No Comments

How important is the appearance of your office? We’re talking about the cleanliness of the windows and the condition of the paintwork. The level of clutter around desk areas and functionality of waste containers. The internal and external state of repair and condition of the space has far reaching consequences to the business itself that may come as a surprise!
First Impressions
This is something that really counts for businesses. The exterior of a building makes an impression upon potential clients visiting your premises. A clean and well maintained exterior is memorable for both visitors and users of a building. So regular jet washing of walls, cleaning of windows and upkeep of signage can have a real impact on won business.
Consider the appearance of your reception area. After the exterior of the building, this is the next zone that projects an impression of an organisation. So take care to make sure that your lobby and desk are constructed and laid out in a way that supports your brand. In addition they must appear fresh and clean. Perhaps add some fresh flowers to a reception desk and ensure that floors are regularly cleaned.
Your office upkeep, maintenance and cleanliness not only affects visitors to your building, but also those who work there. Employees working in a clean and clear environment will likely be more productive than those working in unsatisfactory conditions. When clarity of surroundings equals clarity of mind, regular cleaning of desk space is vital.
Meeting Rooms
What’s the function of meeting rooms for your organisation? You may be meeting clients, or holding internal brainstorming meetings. Either way, performance and inspiration are key to a successful meeting. And creativity is more likely to be fostered within vibrant and clean surroundings.
How does recycling aid the workflow of an office based organisation? Well, in a world that is still a long way from the ‘paperless office’, office paper recycling systems are key. Ensure that your organisation offers convenient and regularly emptied paper recycling bins. In this way you can help your employees avoid the build up of unnecessary paperwork on their desks. Similarly, offer dedicated plastics, tins and glass recycling opportunities in the office kitchen. When people spend so much time in their office, a considerate approach to recycling is key for businesses.
One place that must not be neglected is the office w/c or washroom. Optimise facilities that are offered in these spaces and ensure they are regularly cleaned and restocked. People care about the state of their washrooms, whether they are workers or visitors. This is why these spaces can have a major impact on satisfaction levels. So by outsourcing management to a contractor, you can be confident that your organisation will not fall down in this area.
Natural Light
Staff are more healthy and productive when they are exposed to natural light. Taking breaks is key here, but in addition this is why glass fronted office buildings are so popular. However, investing in an office building that benefits from large windows may come to nothing if those windows are grimy. When we are enjoying a lovely bright day on the outside, why should the inside feel dark and grey? Especially for offices in urban areas that experience levels of pollution, it’s important to schedule regular window cleaning.
Use of glass is extremely popular within office spaces too. And its popularity is increasing! This is because partitioning areas using glass enables natural light to be diffused around the building. Smart glass technology is allowing this material to be used for meeting rooms and private spaces too. However, it can quickly look grubby and smeared which counteracts the contemporary look that you may be going for! So if glass is great for your business brand, make sure you get it cleaned!
IT Hygiene
Personal IT
From keyboards to mice and phone handsets, we know how many germs and bacteria inhabit office technology. This can cause the spread of illness across an organisation. So you can lose days of productivity by allowing dirty IT systems within your organisation.
Communal IT
It’s not just desk based IT, though. Photocopiers and printers are used by multiple people across an organisation. This means that the germs on hands can easily be transmitted around a whole department. So it’s worth keeping these things clean unless you want the salesforce dropping like flies with the dreaded Summer cold!
Energy Supply
Solar Panels
Perhaps your office building is fortunate enough to benefit from energy supply via solar panels. This is a great innovation and a very prudent investment. However, it is an investment that only returns as much as it is allowed to. Yes, the variable sunshine of the UK is one consideration, but the cleanliness of the panels is another. When dirty solar panels can lose around 20% of their energy output, the performance of this investment can be optimised through cleaning.
‘A Stitch in Time’
Regular Maintenance
So it is that the old adage is true – regular office building and equipment maintenance can help to avoid large repair bills. Cleaning is part of this regular maintenance. The build up of dirt and grime can actually contribute to the material decline of aspects of your building. More importantly, it could mask it from your view, making faults undetected until a later date.
So the impact that the appearance of your office building has are multiple. From productivity to wellbeing to impressions and even physical repair, it pays to keep things clean! For solutions across your office building just contact us at CJH cleaning for advice or a quotation.