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Top 10 reasons your business needs commercial cleaning

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When should cleaning a business premises be left to the professionals? We’d suggest that most organisations would benefit from the use of a commercial cleaning contract. It’s an aspect of working life which can be overlooked, or scaled back as part of cost savings. However, distributing the tasks of a regular commercial cleaner between your workforce can actually work to the detriment of your business. Here, we give you a run down of the top 10 reasons that your business needs commercial cleaning. 

First Impressions

Over time, neglected cleaning builds up to leave your business premises looking ramshackle and unprofessional. This leaves a bad first impression with visitors and potential clients. As a contributory factor, it can even result in the loss of a contract or partnership. As the saying goes, there is no second chance to make a first impression. So your regular commercial cleaner will ensure that your reception areas, building frontage and meeting rooms are always presented at their best. 

Staff Wellbeing

A clean workplace is one which offers clarity of mind. Your teams are likely to experience higher levels of workplace satisfaction when their surrounding environment is clean. In fact, dissatisfaction with office conditions is a common contributing factor for organisations losing good staff. So, by looking after the wellbeing of your staff with good office hygiene, your business could improve its staff turnover rate. In turn, this brings a cost saving in recruitment and training of new staff.

Illness Prevention

This reason is of huge importance in this age of pandemic. Business owners and managers have a responsibility to provide a work environment that protects against the spread of illness. As well as steps to aid social distancing and promote personal hygiene, office conditions must be clean. Surfaces and communal areas are of key importance in potential transmission of any viral infection. So businesses frequently find that the best way to keep their workforce protected is to contract a commercial cleaner for regular workplace cleaning and occasional deep cleaning procedures.

Time Saving

When you think about it, it doesn’t actually make sense to employ a team based on their experience in one area and then ask them to undertake tasks elsewhere. By relying on your workforce to clean office spaces and communal areas themselves, you are reducing the time that they can dedicate to their actual job. So, their results as well as their stress load, will be affected. By employing a commercial cleaner for this specialised role, your team can focus on what they do best.

Thorough Results

Remember that if staff feel a resentment at being asked to add cleaning tasks onto their existing remit, they are likely to do so half heartedly. In this way, the result is compromised. A commercial cleaning contract carries with it certain standards to be met. Your commercial cleaner will ensure that no corners are cut, and that even those often overlooked nooks and crannies are given due attention. 

Range of Tasks

Through your commercial cleaning company, you can achieve more than just your daily office clean. With just this one supplier, you can schedule waste disposal, sanitary supply, and seasonal floor, carpet, window and solar panel cleaning. As such, this relationship with a commercial cleaning contractor will yield cost savings, as you do not need to source new suppliers for those more seasonal tasks. You also have the knowledge that you’re working with a trusted supplier in multiple areas of your cleaning and maintenance remit.

Workplace Safety

When it comes to dealing with possibly abrasive products, accessing hard to reach areas or working at height, business owners should ask themselves if it is safe for non-cleaning staff to undertake cleaning tasks. Commercial cleaners are fully trained and equipped to deal with these aspects of cleaning. So by leaving premises cleaning to them, you are offering greater workplace safety to the rest of your workforce. 

Productive Working

There are a few different aspects of commercial cleaning that result in an overall more productive workforce. First is the positive working environment that it provides - staff are more content in their surroundings and are therefore able to think more creatively. Secondly, they are not distracted with additional cleaning tasks which eat into their focus time. And lastly, your workforce simply feel more loyal to the organisation by the care that appointing commercial cleaning demonstrates. 

Supporting your Business

A commercial cleaner will schedule their hours around your business needs. The whole point of a commercial cleaning contract is that it supports your business. So cleaning can take place out of normal working hours. In addition, if you include things like sanitary supply and waste disposal, your contract will ensure that these things are never overlooked. Recycling and sustainability commitments come hand in hand with a good cleaning company, so your green business responsibilities are covered.

Equipment Upkeep

Through regular IT and equipment cleaning, the life of machinery can be extended. As part of a general office maintenance schedule, detailed cleaning should play a key role. We tend to ask a lot of our workplace technology, with multiple users and high levels of use. So through specialised IT cleaning as part of your commercial cleaning contract, you can decrease equipment turnaround. 

In a modern business environment that demands higher standards of workforce care and sustainable practices, commercial cleaning is central. It may all happen out of hours and behind closed doors, but we can have a very real benefit to the success of your organisation! Just contact us at CJH Cleaning to find out more. 

How to prepare for going back into the office after lockdown

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In recent weeks, the thoughts of business owners and workforce alike have begun to turn to the office. Some organisations have been very outspoken about their expectations of a prompt and complete office return. Others have been more reticent, telling workers that it will be some months yet before staff can begin going back into the office after lockdown. So when, and how often might people return to office based working? What will it look like and how will it be different? Indeed, how might it be improved? And most importantly, what steps should the whole gamut of office based workforce take to maintain hygiene and prevent transmission?

Initial Building Preparation

Before anyone can even contemplate working from an office, the building will have to be assessed and prepared. Staff should feel safe and confident in their environment in order to work productively. 

Pre-Occupancy Inspection

Areas of focus should be entrance and exit flow, the movement of different teams around the building, and touch point identification. This can then form the foundation of guidance for staff to avoid crowding and maintain hygiene.

Risk Assessments

Leadership teams must go through a clear risk assessment process to work through logistics. This should take in working habits and needs of different teams and departments. The frequency and demand of face to face meetings and direct interaction between different parts of the organisation all must be balanced. 

Office Deep Cleaning

Where this may have once been a seasonal maintenance task, office deep cleaning is set to become a more regular part of a cleaning schedule. While the demands of the business will increasingly require outside visitors for meetings, the space must remain a safe environment for the regular workforce. So alongside daily cleaning and touch point sanitising, a very regular deep clean will counteract fears of transmission. 

Social Distancing 

The norm will transition from interacting on screen through Zoom or Teams to a more 3D experience. So offer clear guidance on social distancing as part of going back into the office after lockdown. 

Staff Mental Health

Remember that some of the workforce may be experiencing high levels of anxiety at their impending office return. This might not be down to fearing the virus itself, but more a fear of the unknown and the potential mental upheaval associated with change. This is where clarity of guidance comes into play. Make sure that staff are clear about procedures and expectations, and be understanding that for some, office return comes with apprehension.


For most organisations, returning to the office will not be a sudden and all encompassing event. Remote working has proven many benefits over the last year. And now that businesses have invested in the systems to facilitate productive remote working, for many this can become a permanent part of the working week. So it makes sense that any plan for going back to the office after lockdown should include flexibility.

Facilitate Social Interaction 

When office colleagues haven’t seen each other in person for up to a year, it’s natural that many will want to catch up. So as part of a plan for going back to the office, why not include structured opportunities for social exchanges. 

Logistical Planning

Assess the layout of the workplace, and the proximity of desks and seating. Stagger arrival and departure times, days of office attendance and regular meetings to avoid crowding at specific times or days. It may be that meetings need to be a mix of in person and remote attendance in the first instance. This is going to require some serious joined up thinking between departments.

Ongoing Building Hygiene

Office cleaning was always an ongoing process, and it is set to be even more so as people begin going back into the office after lockdown. Most businesses will need to reevaluate their office cleaning schedules to focus on touch points and increase regularity.

Touch Points

These places are touched by multiple people and are key transmission sites. Things like door handles, elevator buttons, handrails, meeting room facilities, office kitchen equipment and communal tech like photocopiers. You should either plan for regular sanitising of these places during the office day or provide facilities for staff to wipe down these things after use. 

Regular cleaning

There really is no substitute for regular cleaning. Instruct your office cleaners to undertake a daily work station clean. This will not only maintain office hygiene in the wake of the pandemic, but it will also make your office environment a more pleasant place to work. 

Optimised Facilities

It’s vital to facilitate the levels of hygiene that are expected. This means placing sanitising stations around the building and maintaining levels of soap, sanitiser and other products. This is something that you can include in a commercial cleaning contract so the workplace will never be left short.  

Office Hygiene Practice

You’ll be surprised at how quickly a workforce gets used to new procedures. Ongoing hygiene practices should include health reporting aswell as hand washing and social distancing. By maintaining the flow of information through your business, you can prevent transmission trails that would impact your workforce.

The Future

If your business has survived thus far, we have high hopes that it has a long future ahead of it. So don’t rush to get back to exactly how things were before. With the increased flexibility offered by remote working, many businesses have discovered positives that they want to keep. The months ahead will be a learning curve for most of us, but by maintaining your office hygiene and structuring the work environment correctly, you could evolve your business to a super productive way of working.  

Is hands-on cleaning or technology the way forward?

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If there’s one thing that can be said for the pandemic, it’s that application of new technologies has been catapulted forwards. Organisations have embraced remote working, virtual meetings and information sharing. This has enabled these organisations to continue being productive. Whether this is a good thing or not is subject of another debate entirely. Some of these technologies will stay, and some will likely drift out of use in certain industries. When it comes to the world of commercial cleaning, though, will the future be one of automated technology or is there really no substitute for hands on cleaning?

Robot Cleaners

When it comes to automated cleaning technology, there’s more already in place around the office than perhaps you recognised. 

Daily Use

You’ll be so used to coming into contact with this kind of technology that you’ve probably forgotten that it’s there! We’re talking about automated soap dispensers, air fresheners and rubbish bin lids. Touch-free technology is much more likely to be embraced by offices in the near future as more workers return to the office. This is because these multiple contact points are hot spots for virus transmission. So replacing all of your dispensers with touchless alternatives goes a little further in protecting office workers. 

Service Cleaners

By this we mean the technology that provides an unseen service, rather than the kind of technology that is automated for the user. Basically robotic vacuums and mops are the centre of this side of automated cleaning gadgets. Robotic floor cleaners are great for the every day, but often require human supervision. The same can be said of equipment required to clean at height. Jet wash technology is vital to achieve a great external building clean at a fraction of the time. However without the expertise required to use it, results can be unreliable.  

Electrostatic Cleaning

In some ways, technology has revolutionised the quality and speed of cleaning that our commercial cleaners are able to achieve. This is no more true than in deep cleaning contracts. One major implication of Covid 19 is that business premises and offices have needed, and will continue to need, more regular deep cleaning. In the world of ‘before’, a deep clean may have been a very occasional part of the commercial cleaning schedule. One which would dovetail with an office shift around or refit. It now needs to balance with an ongoing business timeline, and somehow not disrupt the flow of work. In this way, electrostatic cleaning technology has stepped up to make all of this possible. 

How does it work?

Electrostatically charged chemical particles disinfect the workplace by clinging to and coating all visible surfaces. Using a spray system, the surfaces and objects can be evenly sanitised, even when targeted from one direction only. 

Where does it clean?

This is the great thing - it cleans everywhere. The mist of positively charged particles reaches awkward and hard to reach nooks and crannies. This is ideal for personal or communal technology items that are prevalent in work places.

What are the benefits?

As well as offering a superior level of hygiene in a deep clean, there are cost and value benefits too. The time that the process takes is comparatively short, so there’s no disruption to business activity. In addition, the extra sanitisation prevents staff illness and the cost implications of office infections and subsequent time away from work. 

Attention to Detail

Of course, even top technology like electrostatic deep cleaning requires human application. And there are some things that will always benefit from the attention to detail that hands on cleaning provides. 

Workdesk Cleaning

There’s a lot to be said for good old fashioned hard work when it comes to office cleaning. The subtleties required to assess where and when something should be cleaned are uniquely human. There’s no algorithm for coffee ring marks. Especially around desk and workstation areas, it’s hard to foresee a time when technology can replace the ability of hands on cleaning to achieve a great result. 

Washroom Services

From sanitary refills to waste management, ensuring that nothing runs low can be overlooked if an organisation doesn’t include this aspect in its cleaning contract. It’s not just hygiene that is impacted here, but also employee satisfaction. It’s something that cannot be remotely undertaken. Office washrooms can be irregular places; depending on meetings and attendance, they may get more or less use. So it takes human attention to detail to ensure that supplies are always topped up. 

Planning and Scheduling

We’re always saying that one of the most important parts of commercial cleaning is in the planning. By maintaining a schedule of activity that covers daily tasks and more periodic maintenance tasks, a work environment can be kept perfect without being distrupted. In scheduling, therefore, we find one major aspect of commercial cleaning to fully benefit from technological developments. Commercial cleaners can work at their most efficient when they have a comprehensive plan. It’s for this reason that we embrace scheduling technology and pass those benefits on to our clients. 

The Perfect Balance

What is the way forward, then? The march of technology will, no doubt, continue apace. And while it does, it will require human expertise and knowledge to use it at its most productive. We foresee great technology being harnessed to raise standards of hygiene within commercial and office environments. Moreover, we believe that it also takes great cleaners to implement those technologies.

Top 5 missed places when home cleaning

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Cleaning a home can feel like an endless task. Especially while people are spending more time within their homes, the place gets dirty surprisingly quickly! Not many people take a methodical approach to the cleaning of their homes, and this means that some places are missed. Commercial cleaning, however, structures regular and seasonal plans to ensure that everything is sufficiently maintained. Maybe home cleaning could take a leaf out of commercial cleaning’s book? So let’s look at where around the house is habitually missed while home cleaning. 

1. Inside Appliances

The appliances that you use to keep other things clean are often overlooked as things to clean themselves! If you let appliances accrue dirt and grime, this will both affect the performance of the appliance and even lead to breakdowns and faults. So how often should you clean the inside of your kitchen appliances?

Washing Machine

There are plentiful products available which will clean your washing machine, but to get results you have to put in some effort! The rubber seal around your washing machine drum is where grime builds up, so this should be wiped down every week or so. You can use something as simple as white vinegar to cut through the grease. 


Similarly there are products galore to clean your dishwasher. However, a cup of household vinegar placed in an upright cup in the top rack will do the trick. Aim to clean your dishwasher monthly. 

Kettle and Toaster

These appliances don’t keep other things clean, but you’ll certainly miss them if they break suddenly! This is why it’s important to descale your kettle and clear the crumb tray of your toaster. 

2. Behind Furniture

Out of sight, out of mind… The build up of dust and grime which lurks behind and under beds, sofas and desks is commonly missed as part of a regular clean. This is fine for the most part, since these places only need cleaning every three to six months. Often, you don’t need to completely move the furniture. These spots don’t accrue stains and grime, so don’t need to be polished or washed. However, the vacuum cleaner needs to make its presence felt! With long attachments, you will be able to reach those tricky spots and whip away dust slugs and cobwebs. If you leave these areas untouched, the build up of dust can contribute to sneezing, irritated eyes and dry skin.

3. Home Office IT

As with a commercial office, IT equipment can be a breeding ground for bacteria. Our tendency to multitask means that bits of food combine with skin and dust to create quite the germ sanctuary. This is especially common while people are working from home for long periods of time. So it’s important to give your home office and IT kit a regular clean. This will keep your desk hygienic and also help to prevent malfunctions due to dirt. But when buttons, hinges and tiny crevices that make up technology are so difficult to clean, how and when should you be cleaning your IT?

Keyboard and Mouse

Although it is just your fingertips that contact your keyboard, all those buttons are the perfect hiding places for germs. An average keyboard plays host to around 3,500 bacteria and 1,500 bacteria on an average mouse. Despite this, these pieces of equipment are tricky to clean and often neglected. Although your home keyboard and mouse won't have the contact from other people as you’d find in a commercial office, it’s still important to wipe it down weekly. More periodically, your PC or laptop keyboard will benefit from a clean using compressed air.


Unlike the commercial office, with its headsets and desk phones, in your home office you’re likely to use your mobile phone. But when was the last time you thought about cleaning your mobile phone? You should be wiping down a smartphone screen with a microfibre cloth daily. Then periodically delve into your phone case for a more thorough clean with warm water and a mild soap.

4. High Up and Down Low

From up at the top of kitchen cabinets down to skirting boards, anything not in our eye line is susceptible to being missed when cleaning. 


There’s actually no easy answer to how often the high up kitchen areas should be cleaned. Variables like the layout, shape and ventilation of your kitchen will dictate how dirty and greasy those high up places get. If cleaning these high up areas feels like an added chore you don’t need, then old newspaper is your friend! Line the top of the cabinets with old newspaper, then you can remove and replace it every few months. Do be careful to avoid any LED lighting points or other places that get hot.


There’s no need to include skirting boards as part of your weekly home vacuum. However, your floor will look surprisingly improved with clean skirting boards. So every few weeks try to remember to dust this area with your vacuum attachment. 

5. Inside Kitchen Drawers

Simply close the drawer and the dirt has disappeared... This is an attitude that we’re all guilty of! Again, the vacuum attachment is the perfect tool here. When you consider that most of the items in kitchen drawers are involved in your eating, it makes sense to take better care of their hygiene! You should aim to clean the inside of drawers and cupboards a couple of times a year. 

Planning can make the difference and enable you to fit in all those missed places with ease. We hope that your domestic cleaning can benefit from our commercial cleaning perspective!

How often should you clean your home or office to help tackle Covid?

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Regular cleaning is for life, not just for a pandemic! Scheduled cleaning of a home, an office, or indeed a home office is a great habit to get into. Perhaps you need to use regular cleaning to protect your own space from COVID transmission, or your priority may be the health and wellbeing of the workforce who use the space. So how often should you be planning for cleaning to take place, and how can you keep it up when there are so many other pressures on your time?

Surface Cleaning

When it comes to surface cleaning, regularity is key. Frequency in minor cleaning tasks prevents the build up of dirt and grime that can cause problems down the line. When it comes to protecting your space from covid transmission, it’s vital to maintain this regular cleaning too. 


Regular cleaning is especially relevant for office buildings as businesses attempt to reduce numbers of workers present by scheduling the use of that space. The change in personnel in the office day on day means that without daily cleaning, the risk of transmission increases. 


Within a home or home office, it is good practice to keep tables and surfaces wiped down at the end of each day, much as you’d expect in a commercial office space. Although the individuals within your home do not change as you would find in an office, there is still a crossover of contact to some extent. For this reason, a daily clean is advised.  

Deep Cleaning

Although not required as frequently as surface cleaning, deep cleaning is much more at the forefront than it has been in previous years. So how often do you need a deep clean in an office or home? 


Due to the number of people using the space, albeit at different times, an office should schedule a deep clean more regularly than you would expect within the home. Out of lockdown periods, an office should be carefully timetabled so that any crossover of team bubbles is minimised. A deep clean is ideal to take place in between team bubbles using the space. This may seem like a gargantuan task. However, the process of electrostatic surface cleaning is 50% quicker to undertake than traditional methods. This makes the application more accessible and require less personnel.


During a lockdown period, it may feel like there is little else to do than deep clean your home! The build up of grime can very quickly resume, however. So seasonal deeper cleans are ideal to plan in order to keep your home or home office hygienic. Rotate a schedule for deep clean jobs like internal window or door cleaning so that they take place monthly. This way, you’ll avoid the need for an all encompassing ‘spring clean’.

Bacteria Hot Spots

These are particular areas to pay attention to while cleaning. Either with additional frequency, or enhanced focus. Within an office, desk areas and IT kit are the main zones for germ breeding. Indeed, the average desktop harbours 20,961 germs per square inch. And that’s before you get into the IT on the desk. It’s not just covid that employers should be worried about here, it’s any number of minor illnesses and an overall lack of wellbeing that can impact a workforce. 

Whether in a traditional office, or at a home workstation, staff are spending more and more time at their desk each day. As professional demands increase, people work longer hours and choose to eat at their desk, so it is ever more vital to maintain hygiene in these areas. This is true both for an office and a home. We should aim to always end the day with a clean and clear desk - whether this is part of a professional cleaning contract or your own task at home. 

Transmission Zones

The use of communal spaces may be minimised in the current climate, but they remain an issue as a viral transmission zone. For some places, it is simply not possible or practical to remove these spaces entirely. Reception areas, lobbies, kitchen spaces and meeting rooms are all part of the fabric of an office space. And it is these areas which need the most attention when it comes to frequent cleaning to help tackle covid. While personal hygiene plays a huge role here, cleaning should not be overlooked. So in addition to hand sanitising stations and encouraged hand washing, the touch points within these areas should be disinfected during the working day as well as at the end of it. So, door handles, IT equipment, seating arms and table surfaces. 

Top Tip Techniques

What, then, are the best methods to achieve the required regularity of cleaning in a home of office space? Professional assistance is the first port of call here. Whether you schedule a weekly clean for your home or daily clean for your office space, these contracts mean peace of mind. By ensuring the hygiene of your working space, whether that be office or home based, you are maintaining an environment that is both safer and more pleasant. For those hot spots and touch points, enable colleagues to maintain hygiene with equipment available to clean on exit from meeting rooms and suchlike. Awareness is crucial as we all come together to maintain the hygiene of our own environments. 

As working spaces become more varied and flexible, it’s vital to make regular cleaning a part of the change. So whatever the circumstances of your business, contact us at CJH Cleaning to find out how we can work with you. 

How to keep office cleaning eco friendly

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Focussed though we are on a global pandemic, climate change and ecological issues have not gone by the wayside. Office cleaning is a major area where a business can show their dedication to green processes. So when managers and business leaders are committed to protecting their staff, will this compromise your eco mission? Offices need to establish a new normality in order to begin functioning again. And there’s no reason that they can't do it while still maintaining their green credentials. Here, we look at how to establish and maintain your eco friendly office cleaning.

Product Choice

Cleaning products are a detail that clients should not have to concern themselves with. So the key decision is in your supplier. Do they promote the use of eco-friendly products?  This one seemingly minor consideration is a huge step towards supporting green practices. As offices plan for their ‘new normal’, more regular professional cleaning will be a popular step. So no matter the size of your office, choose a cleaner who uses eco-friendly products. This will radically reduce the chemical residue hitting the sewage system. At CJH Cleaning, we understand the importance of eco-friendly cleaning products. This is positive for the health of our staff, and supports both your building and the environment!

Steam Power

Using steam to clean office flooring at a temperature between 175 °F and 212 °F will disinfect and kill 99.9% of germs. While maintenance of hygiene is important we also need to remember the impact of abrasive chemicals on a work environment and those who use it. As steam is a natural disinfectant, there are far fewer nasties able to remain lurking than if carpet shampoos or chemical cleaners are used.


As people attempt to optimise hygiene with single use toiletries, to stay eco you need to rely on your suppliers. Energy efficient hand dryers are a great investment. Indeed many businesses have invested already. But how much do you think about your soaps and toilet paper? And now that you are likely to require hand sanitiser dispensing on top, how can you be sure that your supply will remain uninterrupted? Washroom management takes care of product supply and refill management. This makes it a great eco friendly step. 

Under Pressure

When the exterior of a building is dirty with pollution, graffiti, or just a build up of grime, both the local environment and your business will be affected. So regular cleaning of walls, windows and signage can have a real impact on an organisation’s bottom line. Jet wash technology is non-chemical and incredibly effective. In harnessing the natural power of pressured water, you can maintain the exterior of your building in a sustainable way.

Maintaining Sustainability

Once you've invested in solar, the story doesn't end there. The efficiency of your solar panels is directly related to how clean the panels are. Sunlight might need to permeate dust, pollen, sand and bird droppings to reach the glass. Dirty solar panels can lose around 20% of their energy output. So ensuring that your solar panels are regularly cleaned by a specialist contractor will optimise the efficiency of your panels.

Office Waste

Provision of recycling services have struggled during the Covid-19 pandemic. But the need to recycle is as important as ever. To work in an office environment, staff have to be given the opportunity to recycle. Facilities should be readily available across the building so that there is no excuse! Invest in clearly labelled recycling bins that separate paper, plastics and metals. Paper recycling collection should be installed by printers and photocopiers. More importantly though is the disposal of the collected recycling. At CJH cleaning we ensure that recycled waste is separated correctly. It is then efficiently moved on to the correct processors to keep the materials in the recycling loop.

Local Air Quality

We have all enjoyed the affects of a drop in pollution, so your windows may have actually seen a difference! However, the likelihood is that your office windows will eventually show a rise in pollution. Clearly, staff perform better when their environment is rich in natural light. So it is important to maintain the clarity of windows. The air that is circulated in your building is similarly important in employee wellbeing. Especially when that air could contain dust particles which can irritate medical conditions. So make sure that your air-con systems are cleaned and maintained. This will also keep the system healthy for longer, so it's great for expenditure too!

Deep Cleaning

More and more spaces, from offices to schools, are realising that they will need to employ some degree of deep cleaning to keep the building safe for its users. This deep clean might be a one off or a regular requirement, depending on the industry. In either case, businesses will need to make a decision about their methods of cleaning. At CJH cleaning we offer electrostatic spray surface cleaning. This is a process of spraying electrostatically charged particles in a mist across surfaces and objects. The positive charge enables particles to adhere more aggressively to surfaces, and access awkward shapes, nooks and crannies. Electrostatic spray cleaning is considered more eco-friendly as a disinfection technology. This is because it sprays up to 65% less chemicals per square foot than other methods. So when chemicals have to be used, you can ensure that it is no more so than necessary.

Contact us at CJH Cleaning to find out how you can keep your office hygienic and safe without compromising your corporate green mission.

Why are commercial cleaning services so popular?

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The value of having a clean and hygienic working environment is not in doubt. Especially during a time of the pandemic, employers and business owners have been quick to realise how the health of their workforce and productivity of the business relies on maintaining a healthy workspace. So why not just delegate cleaning tasks to staff under the job description note “any other duties”?  There is a multitude of reasons that this approach will not help your business. It’s what has made commercial cleaning services so popular. We’ll look here at the different areas of value that commercial cleaning services bring to the businesses who utilise their expertise.

A Clean Space

Really, the biggest thing that makes commercial cleaning services so popular is that businesses want to have a clean environment. Any potential clients who visit an office will make judgements on the business by what they see there. Similarly, to attract high-quality staff during an interview process, it is vital to make a good impression by the cleanliness of a working environment.

Quality of Work

Commercial cleaning services must provide a high-quality result. Their business relies upon it! When you outsource to a dedicated cleaning company, you know that they place the satisfaction of their client at the top of their priorities. Staff who are expected to add cleaning duties to their existing workload are likely to do so begrudgingly. And this will show in the results! Professional cleaners have the experience and skills to ensure high quality and immaculate finish, which will benefit your business.


As part of your contract to receive commercial cleaning services, reliability and regularity will be key. It is the responsibility of your service provider to ensure consistency of cleaning. So any absence of cleaning staff is not your problem, and you can rely on the service organisation to arrange cover. This is a huge benefit of any outsourcing decision, and commercial cleaning is no different.


Most workplaces are already stretched in terms of working hours. Staff put in a lot of time, and with global relationships to foster, the hours that an office is in use can be extensive. Offices are busy places, where ongoing activity makes cleaning the space even more of a challenge. Commercial cleaning services are scheduled specifically to the organisation when the workspace is not being used by the business. This means that cleaners can work efficiently and thoroughly, and business can continue uninterrupted.


When you engage in a commercial cleaning contract, one of the benefits that you are buying into is the specialist equipment that they utilise. This ranges from the ability to work at height to specialist IT cleaning kit to electrostatic deep cleaning. Such an extensive range of capability is not something that can be provided in house. 

Staff Focus

A working space should foster a positive environment for workers to function productively. That is, one that is not cluttered and grimy! A clean space allows for clear thinking, so commercial cleaning services can actually be paramount in building the kind of innovative space that progresses and grows a business.

Healthy Workforce

The health of a workforce has a huge impact on the performance of a business. From days absent to problems in staff turnover, the condition of an office environment can make a difference. Office desks and communal areas can be a breeding ground for bacteria, so by regularly and thoroughly cleaning these areas, staff health can be improved. Similarly, staff are more likely to remain satisfied in their workplace if it is a clean and constructive place to be. More and more business leaders are beginning to appreciate this, which has led to a further rise in the popularity of cleaning services.

Logistical Load

Cleaning a commercial space isn’t just about the act of cleaning itself. There’s a huge amount of logistical workload which goes into the process. These include maintaining the stock of cleaning and washroom items, managing schedules and annual leave, legislative and accreditation requirements and insurance administration. By outsourcing to commercial cleaning services, all of this logistical load is removed from your organisation.

Range of Services

Of course, commercial cleaning services cover more than simply managing the daily clean of your office. Part of the popularity of these services comes down to the breadth of a provision that a business can access. You can amalgamate daily cleaning with window cleaning, flooring upkeep, washroom provisions and waste management. All integrated under one service provider. This means that your business has fewer liaison points, and can realise overall cost benefits too.

Long Term Impact

The thorough standard provided by a commercial cleaning services provider pays out long term. You’ll find that areas such as IT equipment will perform for longer when they are regularly cleaned. The external maintenance of your building will be improved by jet washing, which prevents a damaging build-up of grime and pollution. If you benefit from the use of solar panels, the business will reap up to 20% more energy output when the surfaces are cleaned.


Many businesses now have environmental and sustainability commitments within their policies. A benefit to engaging commercial cleaning services is that you can select a provider who implements eco-friendly products and practices.

The benefits of outsourcing the cleaning requirements of your business are significant, then. And they offer in return much more value than you outlay in the initial cost. When it comes down to it, then, this wise financial investment is fundamentally what makes commercial cleaning services so popular.

What cleaning products should be used at home?

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Not all commercial cleaning requires industrial strength products and kit. We’re not just about power washing and deep cleaning. In fact there’s a lot that our customers can take away when they’re maintaining every day hygiene at home. From deciding what cleaning products should be used at home to managing your workload, we look at cleaning at home with a professional approach.

Be discerning

It’s easy to select the most abrasive product on the assumption that this will make cleaning your home easier. However, these products can damage surfaces and materials. So it’s important that you select your products with your home in mind. Do you have hardwood furniture? Or granite kitchen surfaces? It’s worth making sure that you clean your home conscientiously with either specialist or mild products.

Home cleaning products

So, which cleaning products should you use for different aspects of your home?

Best for technology

As with office cleaning, home IT equipment can be a breeding ground for bacteria. A can of compressed air is a vital piece of kit to clean all those nooks and crannies in keyboards and headphones.

Best for surfaces

Scoring high in effectiveness and versatility of use, a good stock of microfibre cloths will keep your surfaces gleaming. From kitchen worktops to shelves to coffee tables, these products will dust, scrub and wipe down like no other. 

Best for windows

Great for fans of reusing items, newspaper is a great glass cleaner. First spray windows, mirrors and shower screens alike either with a window cleaning solution or household vinegar. Next, use crumpled up newspaper to polish away grime and streaks. It’s the gently abrasive combination of paper and ink which makes this technique so timeless!

Best for bathrooms

Mould, mildew and limescale are the scourge of every bathroom, domestic and commercial alike. Ventilation and drying surfaces are best practices to prevent the build up of these issues. As well as all purpose daily cleaners, make sure you treat your bathrooms with limescale remover and mould remover so that problems never get out of control.

Best for kitchens

An office kitchen comes under as much, if not more, strain as a domestic kitchen. The space typically features a variety of surface materials, from tables to work surfaces, cabinets to shelving. So select a gentle multi surface cleaner to best support all of the materials that you find in your kitchen.

Best for floors

From wooden hallways to tiled kitchens, hard flooring can quickly accrue dirt and grime. In this way, it makes a difference to be able to clean easily and regularly. So invest in a good mop that you will actually use. ‘Superdry’ designs which clean, absorb and dry the floor are practical and efficient.

Best for families

As different industries require a different focus of their office cleaning, so too do different households. Families, especially those with young children should make sure to be stocked with specialised products. By this we mean stain removers and adhesive removers. You know who you are!

Best for pets

If you’re a pet owner, the vacuum cleaner is your friend! It is worth investing in this piece of kit to minimise the time that you spend cleaning up all the pet hair! Brands such as Shark, Miele and Dyson all offer specialised pet vacuum cleaners.

Sustainable cleaning products

At CJH Cleaning, we only use eco-friendly cleaning products. We think that with the amount of cleaning that we undertake, this makes a real difference! At home, you may feel that your decisions wouldn’t have as much impact. However every little helps! So choose your products with sustainability in mind. Ecover and Ecozone are cleaning brands which are available in most supermarkets. Even better, refill your spray bottles with eco-friendly solution at a zero waste shop! You can also make a difference by keeping your cleaning cloths in use as long as possible. Wash them without fabric softener, or in the top section of your dishwasher, to prolong their life.

Household items

One of the most sustainable ways of cleaning your home is to make your own cleaning solutions with everyday household items and products. Household white vinegar is a hugely versatile liquid which also sanitises. Its acidity makes it inappropriate for some porous surfaces such as marble, granite and wood, but sinks, bathrooms, windows and mirrors will come up gleaming. Mix vinegar with bicarbonate of soda to tackle limescale and stains.

Tips from the professionals

Of course, good cleaning is not just down to products. There are other professional approaches that you can employ when it comes to cleaning your home.


Commercial office cleaners will run to a specific schedule to maximise efficiency. Similarly, you will find that if you employ a simple plan, your home cleaning will become less of a chore. Rotate tasks such as internal windows, skirting, and cabinets over a period of weeks so they don’t all end up desperate for a clean at the same time!


Commercial cleaners ensure that office equipment is in action for longer by keeping it free of grime. The same principal goes for the kit in your home, and especially your kitchen. Appliances such as your oven, washing machine, dishwasher and kettle should be regularly cleaned to prevent break downs. You can choose from a variety of specialist cleaning solutions, but running hot cycles (or a boil and rinse for the kettle) with a household vinegar solution will also do the trick.

Cleaning at home and cleaning an office follow many of the same principles. Your home may require some specialised products, as may an office. However, use more gentle, eco-friendly and home based products and you’ll discover a less abrasive, more sustainable process.

Office cleaning services include what type of cleaning?

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There is no such thing as generic office cleaning services. Buildings, facilities and organisations are all different. As such they require different services. This can leave anyone seeking office cleaning services wondering what they should be looking for. Just as no two commercial office spaces are the same, no two cleaning organisations are the same. Depending on a provider's size and specialisms, office cleaning services can vary. It can benefit your business to find a service provider who covers more areas, allowing you to decrease the number of suppliers that you liaise with. So which types of cleaning are covered by office cleaning services?

Regular Cleaning

A daily or weekly clean of the workspace is the most standard service that many businesses require. Key things to look for as part of this service are flexibility and materials. Your business hours may be varied, and your office cleaning may need to fit around that. Then think of the materials and solutions that you expect your cleaning services provider to use. Eco friendly cleaning solutions help to keep your office workspace healthy for staff as well as looking fresh.


Desk hygiene is both visible and invisible. On the surface, the daily coffee marks, ink stains and dust. Then the smaller crevices are a breeding ground for bacteria. There’s micro particles of food, drink, hair and skin, invisible to the naked eye. Regular workspace cleaning keeps all this under control, making a desk a healthier place to be. Your staff will also benefit from working in a clean environment, making them more productive.


Internal and external windows should not be neglected as part of office cleaning services. They have a huge impact on workplace productivity. The regularity of cleaning will depend on the nature of business and location of the building. It’s important that your office cleaning services supplier has safe equipment for working at height.


Unmaintained washrooms are one of the biggest staff turn offs of a workplace. So regular cleaning in your office washrooms is a vital part of cleaning services. But it doesn’t end there. Waste removal and restocking of supplies like towels, toilet roll and hand soaps all play a part in keeping office washrooms pleasant. Stock supply should sit within the regular service.

Specialist Cleaning

As part of an office cleaning services contract, schedule specialist cleaning to keep the building working for the business. These may be less regular requirements, but they can play a pivotal part in preventing problems caused by disrepair. By including these office cleaning services in your contract, then, you’ll avoid disruption to the flow of business.


Over and above a mop and a hoover, office floors require some specialist cleaning. Office floors may be carpeted, tiled, stone, or wood. Undergoing regular pressure from a heavy flow of footfall can take its toll on all of these types of surface. In the worst case scenario your flooring will need to be replaced. However, scheduled maintenance cleaning can boost the lifespan of commercial carpets by a massive 75%.

IT Cleaning

Office IT equipment hides a huge amount of dirt, grime and bacteria. We all know the importance of maintaining the hygiene of keyboards and telephone headsets, but the problems can go further than that. Specialist IT cleaning can extend the lifespan of your IT equipment as well as laying the foundation for a healthier workspace.

Solar Panels

If your office building is lucky enough to benefit from solar panels, this kit must be maintained. Dirty solar panels can lose around 20% of their energy output. However, they are not a simple thing to clean - they require working at height and the technology must be protected during the clean. So optimise the performance of your solar panels through regular specialist cleaning.

Waste Management

Office waste is a wide ranging area, with bathroom waste, kitchen waste, administrative waste and recycling waste to balance. Many people don’t realise that your office cleaning services can consolidate all of this. Especially if they offer responsible waste management. This allows your organisation to consolidate its outsourcing in the knowledge that sustainability commitments are being met.

Building Cleaning

It’s easy to think of office cleaning services as being limited to the internal space of an office. However, it’s vital not to neglect the exterior of a building. The appearance of an office building can have a massive impact on first impressions for potential clients. In addition, a regularly cleaned building exterior is more equipped to withstand the pressures of weather and pollution.

Deep Cleaning

There has been a marked increase in the demand for office deep cleaning. Because of this, an office cleaning supplier should carry the ability to undertake a deep clean if required. If a business requires a deep clean of the working space, it makes sense to use the service organisation who knows your space and the way you work. With electrostatic spray surface cleaning, we’ve been able to offer this service in a fast, low cost, and eco-friendly way.

Your business can benefit from forming a relationship with a wide reaching office cleaning services provider. In this way, you can ensure that more parts of your building are being maintained, and you may realise some cost benefits within your contract. Experience and knowledge counts for a lot, and to find this alongside a wide range of services is valuable. So to find out more about all that ways that CJH Cleaning can improve your office, get in touch.

How do commercial cleaning contracts work?

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As more people return to partial working from the office, there follows a responsibility to maintain workplace hygiene in between different staff members accessing the space. This may simply mean altering your existing commercial cleaning contract. Or, perhaps your organisation is considering a commercial cleaning contract for the first time. For businesses changing or entering into a commercial cleaning contract, it can be helpful to have an understanding of the process in advance.

The quotation process

CJH Cleaning is not alone in providing a free, no obligation quotation process. However, beware of standardised quotations. Every business and building is unique, so it is vital that a commercial cleaning contract is based on detailed understanding of the company and space. Your initial quotation will take into account the area of the space that is to be cleaned and the regularity of the tasks required. In addition, you can outline seasonal maintenance cleans that should be included, such as windows, carpets and solar panels.

What your cleaner needs from you

In short, the more information the better. Be completely honest about your expectations. Remember that no detail is too specific. If you want telephone handsets to be sanitised daily, simply specify this requirement. A positive relationship between the business and the cleaning supplier relies on openness and clarity. So make a good start with coherent information from the outset. Explain to them how the space is used. When and where things get busy, and which areas come under the most scrutiny from visitors.

What you need from your cleaners

We know that performance, reliability and efficiency are top of the list of requirements for commercial cleaning contracts. When you’re looking at how commercial cleaning contracts work, don’t forget about such aspects as insurance and liability. Reputable and recommended suppliers will always carry insurance for the work that they undertake. This is especially true of cleaning at height, for jet washing building exteriors, window cleaning and solar panels.


So how do you identify the regular tasks that make up your commercial cleaning contract? Hot spots are office desks and communal areas such as receptions, kitchens and bathrooms. Some may require daily cleaning, and some weekly cleaning. Regardless of the responsibilities that you carry as an employer to maintain hygiene across shared areas, workplace dissatisfaction is often down to divisions of cleaning duties. So actually, outsourcing the everyday cleaning of your office can benefit staff satisfaction as well as their health.


Some cleaning tasks require specific equipment, experience and processes. Your commercial cleaning contract will not only maintain hygiene, but can also support your waste responsibilities and equipment maintenance.


With moving parts and small gaps, office desks with IT and phone setups are a breeding ground for bacteria. This is down to dropped food particles and contact with hands and faces. Although daily wipe downs are helpful, a one off or occasional deep cleanse can prevent the spread of workplace illness and increase the lifespan of your technology.

Waste Management

It may not have occurred to you to include this speciality as part of a commercial cleaning contract. However, recycling and waste management is incredibly important. Especially as businesses become increasingly responsible for their waste and recycling. Professional waste management service providers have access to the correct recycling and waste processes. This ensures your business meets its environmental commitments in terms of recycling and waste responsibility. 


Maintaining office carpets and other flooring requires specific kit. This is all part of a commercial cleaning contract. When office carpets can deteriorate to such an extent that they affect first impressions, it’s important not to overlook this area. A commercial cleaning contract can be structured to refresh flooring so that it doesn’t fall into decline.

High working

Some aspects of commercial or office cleaning require working at height. This may mean windows, ceilings, solar panels or signage. This type of cleaning is subject to stringent health and safety requirements since it may require a water fed pole system and powered access platforms. A professional contractor will have access to this equipment to make the job quicker, safer and more thorough. 


Cleaning is a task which is continuous. This is one thing that domestic and commercial cleaning have in common - it’s never finished! For this reason it’s important to implement a schedule for your regular daily or weekly clean. By using this structure you can also plan for seasonal requirements such as signage and flooring.

Your quote

Every cleaning contract is different. This is down to variety of specialism, detail and frequency, along with differences in size and scale of building. Once a schedule is agreed, your cleaning and waste management requirements can be consolidated with one supplier. This tends to benefit your budget.


Good commercial cleaning contracts work as an ongoing agreement. So continued communication between the business and the supplier is paramount. At CJH Cleaning, we maintain responsive relationships with our clients. This allows us to use feedback and knowledge to continually provide the best service.

A constructive and professional commercial cleaning contract works in the same way as any other agreement between supplier and client. The initial quote and schedule of cleaning should be built on a bespoke basis. This can only really be achieved with a site visit and ongoing communication. These are the building blocks on which we build our business here at CJH Cleaning. So for confidence in your commercial cleaning contract, just contact us to begin the process.

Pros and Cons of Hiring a Cleaning Company

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Should your organisation consider hiring a cleaning company? Of course, we think it’s probably a good idea, that will come as no surprise! So how do you work out where the benefits may be for your own organisation? There are naturally pros and cons of hiring a cleaning company that you should balance. It’s vitally important that you budget appropriately when it comes to your ongoing business maintenance costs. Therefore it makes sense to carefully consider how hiring a cleaning company may benefit your productivity and your staff. We look at the impact that a professional cleaning contract may have on your business to help you to decide.

How does professional cleaning affect…

Work Environment?

The condition and hygiene of a working space mean something. First and foremost, the environment that a business provides for its staff can have an impact on their health. By this we mean both physical and mental health. Indeed, employers are more often prioritising this in their policies.  Access to natural light is key; there’s no point in an office space benefiting from huge glass frontages if light can’t permeate the grime. So professionally cleaned windows and glass partitions can benefit the health of those staff within. 


Could it be that professional cleaners disrupt the flow of work in a business?

All businesses keep different hours and have very unique requirements. If you work with your cleaning company to schedule daily, weekly and monthly tasks around your business calendar, your flow of work can be uninterrupted. The key is in selecting a cleaning company who works collaboratively, as we do here at CJH Cleaning.


The eco responsibilities of a business are formed of both legal duties and pledges within a mission statement or other such policy. Recycling and waste management contracts are key ways in which a business can fulfil its green policy. So ensure that your cleaning company follows stringent processes that reflect your business values.


Are you worried that hiring a cleaning company means the use of harsh chemical products?

This entirely depends on the cleaning partner that you select. Many organisations are extremely conscientious when it comes to the products that they use. Indeed, here at CJH even when we deep clean spaces, we have made sure to find the least abrasive way of working.

Budgets and value?

It’s easy to cut expenditure by slashing cleaning and maintenance budgets. However the impact of this on your building could be financially huge. Your building will always be a flagship when it comes to making that impression that may seal a new contract. Larger commercial buildings have the power to influence its whole surrounding area. So a jet washed exterior has the power to make a whole area appear not just clean, but prosperous.


Isn’t professional cleaning more expensive than doing it in-house?

This concept really is a fiction. Yes, not having a cleaning section of the budget may feel like you’re saving money. However, by expecting cleaning to be undertaken by other employees means that these members of staff aren’t actually spending time on their preliminary tasks. Those tasks which are in their areas of expertise and which could be winning more business for your organisation. This approach also has a detrimental effect on staff morale and productivity.

Staff Productivity?

Office hygiene is one of the most frequent sources of workplace dissatisfaction. A clean space enables clear thinking, so hiring a cleaning company can actually be influential in growing your business. Staff turnover costs can be considerable. So it pays to ensure your staff feel appreciated as they’re more likely to stick around! And the most fundamental way to appreciate staff is to provide them with a clean and hygienic working space.


If the business has not appointed individual cleaners, can you trust them?

By hiring a cleaning company, you enter into a partnership where the cleaning supplier ensures the quality of their staff for your peace of mind. With a focus on selection and training, at CJH Cleaning our clients can attest to the skill and dependability of our cleaning staff.

Where in the office requires professional cleaning?


Office desks, keyboards and phones are a breeding ground for bacteria. A detailed technology clean job can prevent the spread of workplace illness and increase the lifespan of your technology.

Waste Management

Professional waste management service providers have access to the correct recycling and waste processes. This means your business can meet its environmental responsibilities. 


Your professional cleaning contractor’s kit can give your floor a new lease of life. Experience and equipment will rejuvenate your business floor efficiently and effectively.

At Height

Cleaning at height requires stringent health and safety regulation, and equipment. A professional contractor has access to this equipment to make the job quicker, safer and more thorough. 

How to optimise the benefits of professional cleaning

Planning through the seasons

To achieve real cost savings through commercial cleaning and maintenance, it is vital that work is planned. This means you can balance daily, weekly and monthly activity to be spread over the year to benefit from seasonal weather conditions.

Regularity means prevention

Regular cleaning prevents a build-up of detritus and decay that can contribute to major building faults. While some structural problems cannot be avoided, the health of a building can be prolonged through regular upkeep.

To discover more about how hiring a cleaning company can benefit your organisation, just contact us at CJH Cleaning.

What are the benefits of pressure washing?

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The exterior of a building needs to be cleaned. You may see buildings where this has not happened for a long time, and this makes an impression. And it’s not a great one! When it comes to building exteriors, you can even maintain structural longevity through regular cleaning. So when a business plans a commercial cleaning schedule, why has pressure washing become such a popular method? When and where is this an appropriate form of cleaning? And what are the key benefits that pressure washing might bring to your business?


Across all of the benefits of pressure washing that we will look at, one theme is recurring. That is how this method of cleaning reduces costs in other areas of your business. Although business leaders increasingly respond to their responsibilities for the welfare of their workforce and the environment, budget constraints are never far from view. However, making long term savings is much more complex than simply cutting departmental budgets. Regular pressure washing is a great example of how this can work. Long-term cost savings can be achieved from this one outlay. Examples include workforce retention, branding perception, maintenance, and energy bills.

Looks Matter


The value of both your building and your business can be affected by the exterior appearance of a building. As they enter the building, visiting clients will form a first impression based on their surroundings. Similarly, the sale or lease value of a building very much depends on the condition of the exterior. By this, we mean both the structural condition and aesthetic appearance. So by keeping this part of your building clean, a business can realise some very real benefits.


Value and worth are different things. A feeling of worth is increasingly important as businesses seek to improve productivity and staff retention. It may seem minor, but the feeling of worth that both staff and visiting clients experience when entering a well-maintained building directly impacts performance and reactions. In this way, the surrounding environment of a business can direct human behaviour to benefit the business.

Manage Maintenance

Prevent Decline

Cleaning is a very important part of regular maintenance. The build-up of grime, mould and algae can contribute to the structural decline of parts of the building. In addition, it could mask the beginnings of structural problems from your view. This means that potential faults remain undetected until they can cause more dramatic problems. By pressure washing a building exterior, you will avert these problems. Clean joints, window seals and roofs generally perform better for longer. And when something begins to fail, it will be spotted far sooner: before any severe damage occurs to the building.

Decorative Costs

Exterior masonry should be painted to be protected. This can be an expensive job, especially for larger commercial buildings. Comparatively, an annual exterior pressure wash incurs far less cost. With an annual pressure wash, an additional 3 years can be added to the longevity of an exterior paint job. With this maintenance, exterior paint should last a decade, which prevents unnecessary costs to the business.

Human Health


The impact that natural light has on human performance is well documented. However, it’s pointless to enjoy office space with large windows if those windows are unable to diffuse light due to the build-up of dirt. This is especially so in the UK when, let’s face it, some months of the year are pretty low on natural light. So regular cleaning will have a positive effect on the health of your workforce. Pressure washing is a relatively low cost and quick method of keeping windows clean.


For offices which are positioned within cities or on major roads, the impact of pollution will be very visible on walls, windows and signage. If that build-up remains unchecked, not only does the place start looking pretty depressing, but particles find their way into the air system of the building. Regular pressure washing of walls and windows can maintain the integrity of your internal airflow, which can only be a good thing for the people inside!

Green Policies

Eco-friendly approach

Pressure washing uses just water to remove the dirt, grime and unwanted marks. So no additional chemicals are finding their way into local sewage systems. As technology in the industry has improved, the machines used to pressure wash increasingly consume less energy to operate. The method emits low carbon emissions, so, all in all, is one of the most effective and green methods of building maintenance.

Energy efficiency

Pressure washing is a relatively speedy process. In this way, machines aren’t in operation for excessively lengthy periods. In addition, the process helps buildings to maintain their own energy efficiency. If a commercial building benefits from solar panels, the build-up of dirt and grime decreases the efficiency of this technology. Up to 20% of solar panel efficiency can be lost due to dirt build-up. So regular pressure washing can actually reduce your energy bills!

Pressure washing is increasingly the go-to method of cleaning the whole of the exterior of a building. This method of cleaning performs equally well from windows to walls and solar panels to signage. So really it’s pretty obvious to see why this method of cleaning has grown so much in popularity. It’s quick, thorough and low eco-impact. To find out more about how CJH Cleaning can improve the health and appearance of your building, just get in touch.

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