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Is hands-on cleaning or technology the way forward?

If there’s one thing that can be said for the pandemic, it’s that application of new technologies has been catapulted forwards. Organisations have embraced remote working, virtual meetings and information sharing. This has enabled these organisations to continue being productive. Whether this is a good thing or not is subject of another debate entirely. Some […]

Top 5 missed places when home cleaning

Cleaning a home can feel like an endless task. Especially while people are spending more time within their homes, the place gets dirty surprisingly quickly! Not many people take a methodical approach to the cleaning of their homes, and this means that some places are missed. Commercial cleaning, however, structures regular and seasonal plans to […]

How often should you clean your home or office to help tackle Covid?

Regular cleaning is for life, not just for a pandemic! Scheduled cleaning of a home, an office, or indeed a home office is a great habit to get into. Perhaps you need to use regular cleaning to protect your own space from COVID transmission, or your priority may be the health and wellbeing of the […]

How to keep office cleaning eco friendly

Focussed though we are on a global pandemic, climate change and ecological issues have not gone by the wayside. Office cleaning is a major area where a business can show their dedication to green processes. So when managers and business leaders are committed to protecting their staff, will this compromise your eco mission? Offices need […]

Why are commercial cleaning services so popular?

The value of having a clean and hygienic working environment is not in doubt. Especially during a time of the pandemic, employers and business owners have been quick to realise how the health of their workforce and productivity of the business relies on maintaining a healthy workspace. So why not just delegate cleaning tasks to […]

What cleaning products should be used at home?

Not all commercial cleaning requires industrial strength products and kit. We’re not just about power washing and deep cleaning. In fact there’s a lot that our customers can take away when they’re maintaining every day hygiene at home. From deciding what cleaning products should be used at home to managing your workload, we look at […]

Office cleaning services include what type of cleaning?

There is no such thing as generic office cleaning services. Buildings, facilities and organisations are all different. As such they require different services. This can leave anyone seeking office cleaning services wondering what they should be looking for. Just as no two commercial office spaces are the same, no two cleaning organisations are the same. […]

How do commercial cleaning contracts work?

As more people return to partial working from the office, there follows a responsibility to maintain workplace hygiene in between different staff members accessing the space. This may simply mean altering your existing commercial cleaning contract. Or, perhaps your organisation is considering a commercial cleaning contract for the first time. For businesses changing or entering […]

Pros and Cons of Hiring a Cleaning Company

Should your organisation consider hiring a cleaning company? Of course, we think it’s probably a good idea, that will come as no surprise! So how do you work out where the benefits may be for your own organisation? There are naturally pros and cons of hiring a cleaning company that you should balance. It’s vitally […]

What are the benefits of pressure washing?

The exterior of a building needs to be cleaned. You may see buildings where this has not happened for a long time, and this makes an impression. And it’s not a great one! When it comes to building exteriors, you can even maintain structural longevity through regular cleaning. So when a business plans a commercial […]

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