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Home cleaning tips and practices that we recommend

When it comes to cleaning a home thoroughly, it’s really not that different to an office. Granted, there tends to be less lego in an office and it’s rare to need to remove pen marks from the wall..! However, there are principles that remain consistent whether you’re cleaning an office or a home. Whether it’s […]

With vaccinations rolling out, is it still necessary to clean thoroughly to tackle Covid-19?

Restrictions are being lifted, and more of the population are gaining their ‘double jabbed’ status. Most of us are eagerly looking forward to some kind of normality resuming. This sense of normality will certainly include increased use of the office. Workforces may still retain some level of flexible working, but this will be balanced with […]

How to keep safe whilst being back in the workplace

Returning to the office seems to be constantly in the news. Organisations differ in the extent to which they request the presence of staff in the workplace. Indeed, in some instances it’s staff who find that they need more contact with their organisation again. The simple fact is that it’s becoming more commonplace for workers […]