Home cleaning tips and practices that we recommend Home cleaning tips and practices that we recommend

Home cleaning tips and practices that we recommend

Home cleaning tips and practices that we recommend

When it comes to cleaning a home thoroughly, it’s really not that different to an office. Granted, there tends to be less lego in an office and it’s rare to need to remove pen marks from the wall..! However, there are principles that remain consistent whether you’re cleaning an office or a home. Whether it’s to do with scheduling or products, there are tips and practices that are worth your attention. We look at how to approach your home cleaning in a way that makes it both more manageable and give great results! 

Deep Clean

A seasonal deep clean is a regular in the office cleaning schedule. As commercial cleaning contractors, we make sure to schedule deep cleans around business activity, which minimises disruption. At home, there’s a similar principle – it’s easier when the rest of the house is out! It may be called spring cleaning, but don’t feel that you have to deep clean your home in one spring day! Stagger your deep cleaning tasks over the year so they don’t become overwhelming. Let’s look at what may be covered:

        • Vacuum behind and under furniture
        • Launder curtains and drapes
        • Clean down doors and skirting boards
        • Shampoo carpets
        • Sanitise the inside of bins
        • Clean the oven interior
        • Clean inside fridge / freezer
        • Scrubbing bathroom grout 

Surface Clean

Little and often is a rule by which most cleaning theories abide. Light, surface cleaning is normally scheduled daily for commercial office environments. This is simply a wipe down of a workstation or reception desk and vacuuming the floor. The same principle goes for your home. Light dusting and vacuuming are sufficient surface cleaning tasks. To break it down still further, allocate different rooms to different days and spend 10 minutes each time. Or decide only to clean down the mirrors that day. 


One of the wonderful things about us here at CJH Cleaning is that we’re a great team. By working as a team, we can achieve efficient and fast cleaning results. So get your family working as a team. Even infant school kids can help to put away their laundry or stack the dishwasher. When everyone plays their part, the whole household benefits.


So often we treat appliances as workhorses and don’t give them the TLC that they deserve! Especially those appliances that you use to keep other things clean. If appliances accumulate dirt and grime, it will affect the performance of the appliance and even lead to breakdowns and faults. So how often should you clean the inside of your kitchen appliances?

Washing Machine

White vinegar is a great thing to have in abundance in your cupboards! It’ll deal with the build up of grime in all your appliances. Add it to an empty hot washing machine cycle and wipe down the rubber seal with it every month.


A cup of household vinegar placed in an upright cup in the top rack will clean your dishwasher nicely. Aim to clean your dishwasher monthly. 


This is more of a deep cleaning task, and doesn’t have to be done monthly. Hot soapy water should be sufficient to clean shelves and drawers.


A lot of us like to leave this to the professionals, but if you’re going to tackle your oven alone, do it quarterly to avoid the task becoming too daunting! To avoid chemicals, mix water and bicarbonate of soda into a paste to spread on the oven interior. Leave for a couple of hours and spray with white vinegar, wipe down after half an hour. 


Here’s a clear area that a home and commercial office hold in common. Wherever it is, IT equipment can be a breeding ground for bacteria. Especially now that so many of us are still working from home for a portion of our working week. So it’s important to give your home office and IT kit a regular clean. 

Keyboard and Mouse

An average keyboard plays host to around 3,500 bacteria and 1,500 bacteria on an average mouse. Wipe the keyboard down weekly, and use compressed air to clean your PC or laptop keyboard.


Use a microfibre cloth to wipe down your smartphone daily. Warm water and a mild soap are sufficient to clean a phone case.


Your home exterior is probably an area that you don’t really think about as part of a cleaning task. Indeed, working at height is something best left to the professionals. So make sure that you schedule regular window and sill cleaning and seasonal gutter cleaning. If you have solar panels, don’t neglect them. They’ll perform around 25% better when cleaned than if they’ve been left to accrue dirt and grime. 


A really important element of cleaning is how it contributes to the maintenance of your home environment. Clean appliances, plumbing and walls are less inclined to break down – and you’re likely to spot warning signs if you’re regularly keeping these areas in good upkeep.


regularly descale your kettle by boiling it half full with equal parts white vinegar and water. Leave to stand for 15 minutes and then rinse. No chemicals and a lovely clean kettle!


Treat your kitchen and bathroom plug holes to an unclogging. Don’t wait for a problem to occur!


Regular painting of eaves and other external woodwork helps to keep your home in good repair.


From carpets to table tops, get those stains out before you learn to live with them! Use toothpaste on wooden tables to help remove felt tip marks, and invest in good carpet stain remover for spot treatments. 

With the workplace and home becoming ever more intertwined, it’s important to keep both places clean – and that’s something that we feel passionate about. With just a bit of daily attention, your home can be as clean as we make sure our clients’ offices are!