How Covid-19 has impacted the demand for cleaning services  | CJH Cleaning Services How Covid-19 has impacted the demand for cleaning services  | CJH Cleaning Services

How Covid-19 has impacted the demand for cleaning services 

How Covid-19 has impacted the demand for cleaning services 

After nearly 2 years of disruption caused by Covid-19, it’s clear that hygiene is still a very real priority for most people. The pandemic has highlighted the ease by which virus infections can be passed from person to person. This is especially so in the office environment. While there is an increase in personal hygiene responsibilities, a lot comes down to scheduled professional cleaning. We see this in how Covid-19 has impacted the demand for cleaning services. So how do cleaning services benefit organisations and individuals and how has cleaning changed?

Office Cleaning Benefits

Covid-19 has impacted our approach to office hygiene for good. This means that offices that are regularly cleaned are more desirable places to work. However, businesses and their workforce benefit in many ways from regular commercial cleaning.  

Health and Absence

Employers have a duty of care to provide a safe working environment for their staff. In the post pandemic world, hygiene has become a more prominent part of this responsibility. Regular professional cleaning helps to maintain the health of your staff and reduce absence. Staff absence causes a drop in productivity, so it is beneficial to the business too. 

Working Environment

Teams perform better when they work in a positive environment. Workplace cleanliness plays a huge part in how staff feel about their environment. Staff feel more positive and optimistic in a clean and clear space. This mental clarity can foster more creativity and innovative thinking. Not to mention corporate loyalty that manifests in a low staff turnover.


The return of in person meetings, new business pitches, and business development discussions means that the appearance of your office is under increased scrutiny. In these situations, first impressions really do count. This goes for both the external and internal areas of your building. Indeed, a potential customer often forms a first impression even before entering the premises. So, especially for urban areas that experience traffic pollution, exterior jet washing is an important cleaning task. 

Specialist Focus

It may be tempting to think that if staff spend less time in the office, then cleaning can be reduced or even allocated to staff members. This actually goes against a very tangible benefit to professional office cleaning. With an outsourced cleaning contract, staff are able to focus on the roles that they were employed to do. They’ll get better results, be more productive, and likely be more satisfied in their role.

Cost Savings

The great thing about commercial office cleaning contractors is that they cover a range of services. For many organisations, the Covid-19 pandemic has highlighted areas of the office that they may not have previously considered. Similarly, there are stock maintenance demands for soap and hand sanitiser in washrooms. These additional services can be taken on within a cleaning contract and therefore offer overall cost savings.


From building integrity to IT equipment breakdown, regular cleaning can help to prevent costly maintenance issues. This is especially so as office use increases as a result of Covid-19 restrictions being removed. Sporadic use over the last 2 years could be hiding all sorts of potential maintenance issues, so this highlights the need to get back into a regular cleaning schedule.

Commercial Cleaning Procedure

The lasting impact of Covid-19 is likely to change how workspaces are cleaned as well as seeing a general increase in demand for cleaning services. Even with no government imposed restrictions on office working, employers have a lasting responsibility to protect their staff from the spread of airborne virus infection. So this has an impacted the demand for cleaning services with heightened focus.

Office Deep Cleaning 

What was once an occasional task, office deep cleaning looks to become a cleaning service in higher demand. While business activity continues to require outside visitors and increased occupation, the space must remain a safe environment for the regular workforce. In this way, more regular deep cleaning helps to manage any risk of infection transfer. New methods such as electrostatic deep cleaning have made the logistics and cost of an office deep clean much more accessible. This is because electrostatic mist can be quickly applied to an office space, sanitising all surfaces without disrupting the daily flow of the office. 

Cleaning Focus

The demand for cleaning services in working environments now focusses far more on touch points and shared spaces. There is a difference between looking clean and being clean. The pandemic has helped to shift focus to a deeper level of hygiene.


Since the office desk and its IT equipment harbours the most bacteria in the office, these areas are a prime focus for cleaning services. The daily sanitisation of a workstation keeps office desk areas hygienic and healthy. 

Touch Points

From door handles to light switches to photocopiers, items and areas used by multiple people across an organisation are considered touch points. In this way, the pandemic has resulted in a demand for a focus and increased regularity in cleaning these areas.

Meeting Rooms

It’s always been the case that a meeting room should look clean. Now, there’s a demand for cleaning services to ensure that they are fully sanitised. This is because these spaces cater for larger occupancy and carry many touch points. 

Office Culture

The Covid-19 pandemic has led to an increase in scheduling within office culture. This may mean a schedule of who comes into the office when, or a schedule of activity within each office area. Similarly, one way routes around the office may be around for a while. This has led to more scheduling within cleaning services too. A cleaning contractor can work around the different activities and occupancy schedules that your business has adopted. This ensures that nothing gets overlooked as you work out new systems and routines.