How often should you clean your home or office to help tackle Covid? How often should you clean your home or office to help tackle Covid?

How often should you clean your home or office to help tackle Covid?

How often should you clean your home or office to help tackle Covid?

Regular cleaning is for life, not just for a pandemic! Scheduled cleaning of a home, an office, or indeed a home office is a great habit to get into. Perhaps you need to use regular cleaning to protect your own space from COVID transmission, or your priority may be the health and wellbeing of the workforce who use the space. So how often should you be planning for cleaning to take place, and how can you keep it up when there are so many other pressures on your time?

Surface Cleaning

When it comes to surface cleaning, regularity is key. Frequency in minor cleaning tasks prevents the build up of dirt and grime that can cause problems down the line. When it comes to protecting your space from covid transmission, it’s vital to maintain this regular cleaning too. 


Regular cleaning is especially relevant for office buildings as businesses attempt to reduce numbers of workers present by scheduling the use of that space. The change in personnel in the office day on day means that without daily cleaning, the risk of transmission increases. 


Within a home or home office, it is good practice to keep tables and surfaces wiped down at the end of each day, much as you’d expect in a commercial office space. Although the individuals within your home do not change as you would find in an office, there is still a crossover of contact to some extent. For this reason, a daily clean is advised.  

Deep Cleaning

Although not required as frequently as surface cleaning, deep cleaning is much more at the forefront than it has been in previous years. So how often do you need a deep clean in an office or home? 


Due to the number of people using the space, albeit at different times, an office should schedule a deep clean more regularly than you would expect within the home. Out of lockdown periods, an office should be carefully timetabled so that any crossover of team bubbles is minimised. A deep clean is ideal to take place in between team bubbles using the space. This may seem like a gargantuan task. However, the process of electrostatic surface cleaning is 50% quicker to undertake than traditional methods. This makes the application more accessible and require less personnel.


During a lockdown period, it may feel like there is little else to do than deep clean your home! The build up of grime can very quickly resume, however. So seasonal deeper cleans are ideal to plan in order to keep your home or home office hygienic. Rotate a schedule for deep clean jobs like internal window or door cleaning so that they take place monthly. This way, you’ll avoid the need for an all encompassing ‘spring clean’.

Bacteria Hot Spots

These are particular areas to pay attention to while cleaning. Either with additional frequency, or enhanced focus. Within an office, desk areas and IT kit are the main zones for germ breeding. Indeed, the average desktop harbours 20,961 germs per square inch. And that’s before you get into the IT on the desk. It’s not just covid that employers should be worried about here, it’s any number of minor illnesses and an overall lack of wellbeing that can impact a workforce. 

Whether in a traditional office, or at a home workstation, staff are spending more and more time at their desk each day. As professional demands increase, people work longer hours and choose to eat at their desk, so it is ever more vital to maintain hygiene in these areas. This is true both for an office and a home. We should aim to always end the day with a clean and clear desk – whether this is part of a professional cleaning contract or your own task at home. 

Transmission Zones

The use of communal spaces may be minimised in the current climate, but they remain an issue as a viral transmission zone. For some places, it is simply not possible or practical to remove these spaces entirely. Reception areas, lobbies, kitchen spaces and meeting rooms are all part of the fabric of an office space. And it is these areas which need the most attention when it comes to frequent cleaning to help tackle covid. While personal hygiene plays a huge role here, cleaning should not be overlooked. So in addition to hand sanitising stations and encouraged hand washing, the touch points within these areas should be disinfected during the working day as well as at the end of it. So, door handles, IT equipment, seating arms and table surfaces. 

Top Tip Techniques

What, then, are the best methods to achieve the required regularity of cleaning in a home of office space? Professional assistance is the first port of call here. Whether you schedule a weekly clean for your home or daily clean for your office space, these contracts mean peace of mind. By ensuring the hygiene of your working space, whether that be office or home based, you are maintaining an environment that is both safer and more pleasant. For those hot spots and touch points, enable colleagues to maintain hygiene with equipment available to clean on exit from meeting rooms and suchlike. Awareness is crucial as we all come together to maintain the hygiene of our own environments. 

As working spaces become more varied and flexible, it’s vital to make regular cleaning a part of the change. So whatever the circumstances of your business, contact us at CJH Cleaning to find out how we can work with you.