How to keep office cleaning eco friendly How to keep office cleaning eco friendly

How to keep office cleaning eco friendly

How to keep office cleaning eco friendly

Focussed though we are on a global pandemic, climate change and ecological issues have not gone by the wayside. Office cleaning is a major area where a business can show their dedication to green processes. So when managers and business leaders are committed to protecting their staff, will this compromise your eco mission? Offices need to establish a new normality in order to begin functioning again. And there’s no reason that they can’t do it while still maintaining their green credentials. Here, we look at how to establish and maintain your eco friendly office cleaning.

Product Choice

Cleaning products are a detail that clients should not have to concern themselves with. So the key decision is in your supplier. Do they promote the use of eco-friendly products?  This one seemingly minor consideration is a huge step towards supporting green practices. As offices plan for their ‘new normal’, more regular professional cleaning will be a popular step. So no matter the size of your office, choose a cleaner who uses eco-friendly products. This will radically reduce the chemical residue hitting the sewage system. At CJH Cleaning, we understand the importance of eco-friendly cleaning products. This is positive for the health of our staff, and supports both your building and the environment!

Steam Power

Using steam to clean office flooring at a temperature between 175 °F and 212 °F will disinfect and kill 99.9% of germs. While maintenance of hygiene is important we also need to remember the impact of abrasive chemicals on a work environment and those who use it. As steam is a natural disinfectant, there are far fewer nasties able to remain lurking than if carpet shampoos or chemical cleaners are used.


As people attempt to optimise hygiene with single use toiletries, to stay eco you need to rely on your suppliers. Energy efficient hand dryers are a great investment. Indeed many businesses have invested already. But how much do you think about your soaps and toilet paper? And now that you are likely to require hand sanitiser dispensing on top, how can you be sure that your supply will remain uninterrupted? Washroom management takes care of product supply and refill management. This makes it a great eco friendly step. 

Under Pressure

When the exterior of a building is dirty with pollution, graffiti, or just a build up of grime, both the local environment and your business will be affected. So regular cleaning of walls, windows and signage can have a real impact on an organisation’s bottom line. Jet wash technology is non-chemical and incredibly effective. In harnessing the natural power of pressured water, you can maintain the exterior of your building in a sustainable way.

Maintaining Sustainability

Once you’ve invested in solar, the story doesn’t end there. The efficiency of your solar panels is directly related to how clean the panels are. Sunlight might need to permeate dust, pollen, sand and bird droppings to reach the glass. Dirty solar panels can lose around 20% of their energy output. So ensuring that your solar panels are regularly cleaned by a specialist contractor will optimise the efficiency of your panels.

Office Waste

Provision of recycling services have struggled during the Covid-19 pandemic. But the need to recycle is as important as ever. To work in an office environment, staff have to be given the opportunity to recycle. Facilities should be readily available across the building so that there is no excuse! Invest in clearly labelled recycling bins that separate paper, plastics and metals. Paper recycling collection should be installed by printers and photocopiers. More importantly though is the disposal of the collected recycling. At CJH cleaning we ensure that recycled waste is separated correctly. It is then efficiently moved on to the correct processors to keep the materials in the recycling loop.

Local Air Quality

We have all enjoyed the affects of a drop in pollution, so your windows may have actually seen a difference! However, the likelihood is that your office windows will eventually show a rise in pollution. Clearly, staff perform better when their environment is rich in natural light. So it is important to maintain the clarity of windows. The air that is circulated in your building is similarly important in employee wellbeing. Especially when that air could contain dust particles which can irritate medical conditions. So make sure that your air-con systems are cleaned and maintained. This will also keep the system healthy for longer, so it’s great for expenditure too!

Deep Cleaning

More and more spaces, from offices to schools, are realising that they will need to employ some degree of deep cleaning to keep the building safe for its users. This deep clean might be a one off or a regular requirement, depending on the industry. In either case, businesses will need to make a decision about their methods of cleaning. At CJH cleaning we offer electrostatic spray surface cleaning. This is a process of spraying electrostatically charged particles in a mist across surfaces and objects. The positive charge enables particles to adhere more aggressively to surfaces, and access awkward shapes, nooks and crannies. Electrostatic spray cleaning is considered more eco-friendly as a disinfection technology. This is because it sprays up to 65% less chemicals per square foot than other methods. So when chemicals have to be used, you can ensure that it is no more so than necessary.

Contact us at CJH Cleaning to find out how you can keep your office hygienic and safe without compromising your corporate green mission.