Office cleaning services include what type of cleaning? Office cleaning services include what type of cleaning?

Office cleaning services include what type of cleaning?

Office cleaning services include what type of cleaning?

There is no such thing as generic office cleaning services. Buildings, facilities and organisations are all different. As such they require different services. This can leave anyone seeking office cleaning services wondering what they should be looking for. Just as no two commercial office spaces are the same, no two cleaning organisations are the same. Depending on a provider’s size and specialisms, office cleaning services can vary. It can benefit your business to find a service provider who covers more areas, allowing you to decrease the number of suppliers that you liaise with. So which types of cleaning are covered by office cleaning services?

Regular Cleaning

A daily or weekly clean of the workspace is the most standard service that many businesses require. Key things to look for as part of this service are flexibility and materials. Your business hours may be varied, and your office cleaning may need to fit around that. Then think of the materials and solutions that you expect your cleaning services provider to use. Eco friendly cleaning solutions help to keep your office workspace healthy for staff as well as looking fresh.


Desk hygiene is both visible and invisible. On the surface, the daily coffee marks, ink stains and dust. Then the smaller crevices are a breeding ground for bacteria. There’s micro particles of food, drink, hair and skin, invisible to the naked eye. Regular workspace cleaning keeps all this under control, making a desk a healthier place to be. Your staff will also benefit from working in a clean environment, making them more productive.


Internal and external windows should not be neglected as part of office cleaning services. They have a huge impact on workplace productivity. The regularity of cleaning will depend on the nature of business and location of the building. It’s important that your office cleaning services supplier has safe equipment for working at height.


Unmaintained washrooms are one of the biggest staff turn offs of a workplace. So regular cleaning in your office washrooms is a vital part of cleaning services. But it doesn’t end there. Waste removal and restocking of supplies like towels, toilet roll and hand soaps all play a part in keeping office washrooms pleasant. Stock supply should sit within the regular service.

Specialist Cleaning

As part of an office cleaning services contract, schedule specialist cleaning to keep the building working for the business. These may be less regular requirements, but they can play a pivotal part in preventing problems caused by disrepair. By including these office cleaning services in your contract, then, you’ll avoid disruption to the flow of business.


Over and above a mop and a hoover, office floors require some specialist cleaning. Office floors may be carpeted, tiled, stone, or wood. Undergoing regular pressure from a heavy flow of footfall can take its toll on all of these types of surface. In the worst case scenario your flooring will need to be replaced. However, scheduled maintenance cleaning can boost the lifespan of commercial carpets by a massive 75%.

IT Cleaning

Office IT equipment hides a huge amount of dirt, grime and bacteria. We all know the importance of maintaining the hygiene of keyboards and telephone headsets, but the problems can go further than that. Specialist IT cleaning can extend the lifespan of your IT equipment as well as laying the foundation for a healthier workspace.

Solar Panels

If your office building is lucky enough to benefit from solar panels, this kit must be maintained. Dirty solar panels can lose around 20% of their energy output. However, they are not a simple thing to clean – they require working at height and the technology must be protected during the clean. So optimise the performance of your solar panels through regular specialist cleaning.

Waste Management

Office waste is a wide ranging area, with bathroom waste, kitchen waste, administrative waste and recycling waste to balance. Many people don’t realise that your office cleaning services can consolidate all of this. Especially if they offer responsible waste management. This allows your organisation to consolidate its outsourcing in the knowledge that sustainability commitments are being met.

Building Cleaning

It’s easy to think of office cleaning services as being limited to the internal space of an office. However, it’s vital not to neglect the exterior of a building. The appearance of an office building can have a massive impact on first impressions for potential clients. In addition, a regularly cleaned building exterior is more equipped to withstand the pressures of weather and pollution.

Deep Cleaning

There has been a marked increase in the demand for office deep cleaning. Because of this, an office cleaning supplier should carry the ability to undertake a deep clean if required. If a business requires a deep clean of the working space, it makes sense to use the service organisation who knows your space and the way you work. With electrostatic spray surface cleaning, we’ve been able to offer this service in a fast, low cost, and eco-friendly way.

Your business can benefit from forming a relationship with a wide reaching office cleaning services provider. In this way, you can ensure that more parts of your building are being maintained, and you may realise some cost benefits within your contract. Experience and knowledge counts for a lot, and to find this alongside a wide range of services is valuable. So to find out more about all that ways that CJH Cleaning can improve your office, get in touch.