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Cleaning Sustainably – How to be More Eco-friendly in the Commercial Sphere

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Do you want to be more eco-friendly? Yes? Pretty much everyone will do what they can to make a small difference in their surrounding environment or the wider world. Sustainability is a massive buzzword in commercial business. Organisations large and small are paying more focus to their environmental responsibilities. Indeed, changing regulations are demanding more and more that corporations are explicit in their environmental policies. Your commercial cleaning contracts are no different and are actually a very significant way that your business can demonstrate your green policies.

Eco Products

The products that a commercial cleaning contractor uses are central in whether they support your green policies. So ensure that you appoint a cleaning organisation who uses eco-friendly products. It may seem small but it’s a huge step towards supporting green policies that exist elsewhere in your organisation. Your office may be large or small but with regular daily or weekly cleaning, this one act reduces the amount of chemical residue hitting the sewage system. At CJH Cleaning, we only ever use eco-friendly cleaning products. This is great for our cleaners, great for your building and great for the environment!

Building Health

Of course, an environment means more than the global impact of products and processes. Your workers’ immediate environment can directly impact their health and productivity. Dust and bacteria ingrained on office desks and office IT equipment can spread infections and inflame allergies. So don’t let these parts of your space become neglected. With regular office cleaning and IT deep cleansing, you will see the benefits in your staff health. 

Equipment Maintenance

Scheduling a deep cleanse of communication and IT equipment can even mean that these items last longer. Months and years of grime are often the root cause of ‘gremlins’ in the system. So you can play your part in reducing large items hitting landfill by consciously maintaining them with regular cleaning. 


Manage your washrooms and kitchens in a sustainable way. With sanitary disposal, air freshening, vending machines and cleansing systems to consider, these spaces are key in operating sustainably. Have you invested in energy efficient hand dryers? How about your waste disposal? The most simple solution is to outsource the management of your washrooms to an eco-friendly contractor. In this way, you can easily and quickly ensure that products are promptly refreshed, sustainable options sourced, and waste disposed of responsibly. 

The Three R’s

A popular mantra for sustainable living is to Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. You can apply these principles to any aspect of daily life and the commercial building or office is no different. These are the ways that your commercial cleaning contract should support your green responsibilities. 


It’s so important to reduce the number of products and chemicals used in commercial cleaning. Eco-friendly products will not increase your bill. They are less abrasive on your fixtures and fittings and great for your working environment. For external building cleaning, harness the power of water.  Jet wash technology is hugely effective and even removes graffiti and gum. So your external signage, walls, car parks and flooring will look like new without any artificial products.


Through regular and managed commercial cleaning programmes, your business can prevent the need for refits of the space. And this stops all the old furnishings ending up in landfill. Breathe a new lease of life to your office carpets and floors through specialist carpet and intensive steam cleaning. Invest in stain prevention coatings so that any incidents are not catastrophic! You can even upcycle your space through the restoration of original wood or stone flooring.


How easy is it for your staff to recycle? Invest in multiple clearly labelled recycling bins that separate paper, plastics and metals. As well as placing paper recycling by printers and photocopiers, how about adding a space for incorrectly printed sheets to be placed so they can be reused as scrap paper before finally reaching the recycling? But it’s not just about where staff place their waste. What happens next? Can you trust your waste disposal contracts to check recycling waste and responsibly dispose of both recycled and general waste? At CJH cleaning we check waste to ensure that it is separated correctly, and then efficiently move the waste on to the correct disposal processes.

Sustainable Energy

Part of your commercial sustainability policies will no doubt cover energy. You may have replaced your lighting with LED bulbs to reduce the energy consumed and increase the lifespan of each product. Many organisations have gone still further to install solar panels to generate energy from the building itself. However, the efficiency of your solar panels is directly related to how clean the panels are. With dust, pollen, sand and bird droppings to contend with, sunlight can struggle to permeate the glass. The Solar Energy Power Association claims that dirty solar panels can lose around 20% of their energy output. So ensuring that your solar panels are regularly cleaned by a specialist contractor, like us here at CJH Cleaning, will optimise your panels.


The source of much waste and excess often comes from organisations taking a ‘one size fits all’ approach. What works for one building may not be appropriate for another. Businesses all have different scales of workforce, and different corporate needs. At CJH Cleaning we take the time to put together tailored cleaning packages that are individual to a business. In this way we are able to eradicate wasted products and time, which keeps our services both sustainable and affordable.  To find out how your business can benefit from a more sustainable approach to cleaning, just get in touch and find out how we can help.

How to Achieve Cost Savings Through Regular Cleaning and Maintenance

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From new buildings to old, industrial spaces to open plan offices, the health of a commercial building has very real implications on the health of a business. The key to optimising this lies in the repair of the building. A building owner or business manager will dread learning that a major structural refurbishment is required. The only way to avoid this huge cost outlay is by looking after your building day-to-day.


To achieve real cost savings through commercial cleaning and maintenance, it is vital that work is planned. Even seemingly minor areas of regular cleaning can help to prevent serious disrepair from occurring.

Seasonal Tasks

Draw up a detailed plan of seasonal maintenance to be undertaken. This may include the cleaning of fascias and cladding or the jet washing of exterior walls. Through planning, you will benefit from work being undertaken efficiently during periods of dryer weather.

Regular Cleaning

From waste management to office cleaning, regular activity ensures that there is no build up of detritus and decay that can contribute to major building issues. Again, regularity is key. Maintain constant levels of care within your cleaning plan and you will avoid the huge cost outlays that occur with a major overhaul.

Preventative Maintenance

From high impact floor cleaning to the high level window and solar panel cleaning, a commercial building can delay the need for building maintenance. While some structural problems cannot be avoided, the health of a building can be prolonged through regular upkeep. This is especially true for the exterior of a building which endures the elements!

Work Environment

A clean environment enables those working within a building to operate more productively. Although the cost savings achieved in this way are often not quantifiable, they are nonetheless very real. 

Enabling Best Practice

How can office workers be expected to work productively in a space that is cluttered and grimy? A clean space allows for clear thinking, so your regular cleaning contracts can actually be paramount in building the kind of innovative space that moves your business forward. 

Health Considerations

The physical and mental health of staff is considered more and more by employers. Access to natural light is key when it comes to this. There’s no point in an office space benefiting from huge glass frontages if light can’t effectively permeate the grime. So regularly cleaned windows can have an impact on the health of those staff within.  

Staff Appreciation

Cost savings are not just about the daily productivity of your staff, though. Forward-thinking business owners consider headcount and staff turnover too. The costs of replacing and training new staff are considerable for any business. So it pays to ensure your staff feel appreciated as they’re more likely to stick around! What more fundamental way to appreciate staff than to ensure their immediate working environment is clean and hygienic? Achieve this through IT cleaning, and your staff will know that you are doing your best to maintain their workspace. 

Keeping Up Appearances

Of course, in business so much comes down to appearance. A bad impression can impact whether you win or lose a contract, or even damage your entire brand. A building has a role to play in the appearance that your business projects. So taking care of it plays a part in enabling your business to thrive.

First Impressions

Potential clients may visit your office building to discuss a pitch for new work. Or a potential buyer may visit your industrial space prior to placing a major order. So in these cases, first impressions have very real power. But it’s not just about contracts. How about the impression that your building has on its wider environment? For larger commercial buildings, a jet washed exterior has the power to make a whole area appear not just clean, but prosperous. 

Winning Business

So, it is clear that the impression that your building makes and the productivity of workers within it both have an impact. In this way, the health of your commercial building has the power to win or lose new business. In this way, the true value of your comparatively small cleaning budget is revealed!

Policies and Legal Requirements

Keeping the health of your commercial building within legal requirements is vital for building owners. Allowing a building to fall into disrepair can mean that you could be breaching legislative guidelines. You could not only face fines but also shoulder the cost of a large scale repair on top.

Lease Legislation

A lease document will set out which aspect of a building should be the responsibility of the landlord and which fall to the tenant. For buildings leased to multiple tenants, external repair is likely to fall to the landlord and internal to the tenant. Ensuring compliance with legislative requirements is a key aspect of cost control as it avoids the large bills that come with reparative work. 


The ecological obligations of a business fall both to legal duties and to the voluntary commitments that may be set out in a mission statement or policy. Your recycling and waste management contracts are key ways in which your business can fulfil a green policy. So, ensure that your service supplier follows stringent processes that reflect your business values.  The cleaning and maintenance contracts that your business employs have the power to send ripples of effect throughout the business. From directly impacting the appearance and hygiene of a space to influencing the health and power of the business that occurs within, your financial outlay stands to benefit from the ongoing investment. And where better to look than an experienced firm like CJH Cleaning, who manage all aspects of commercial cleaning under one roof.

Washroom services can be provided at competitive prices

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CJH Cleaning’s washroom services is undertaken in a discreetly manner and the waste is disposed of in a very environmentally friendly way! All waste is incinerated creating energy which is then recycled in to the waste plant this is fully recyclable. We are very proud of our washroom services and CJH Cleaning Services like to boast about the recycling as this sets us apart from other companies that provide the same services. Contact us today for further information.

Extending and Expanding …

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We are proud to announce our new Facilities division is here! Introducing Johnny our newest team member for our Facilities division. Now not only can CJH Cleaning Services keep everything looking Fresh and Clean, Our dedicated trained Team can carry out Handy Man Services, Painting & Decorating to even Plumbing and Electrician works. From blown light bulbs, PAT Testing, unblocking the toilet / sinks to full Office Decoration Works - all under taken by one company!! image009 Look out for our new facilities van, it could be heading your way…

Plans For 2015

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Hello, it's been such a busy start to the new year for CJH Cleaning Services! Over the last few weeks we have been doing a lot of restoration of floors along with deep cleaning of kitchens, not to mention carpet & window cleaning plus all our daily & weekly office cleaning too! Carl Hannah, Managing Director, and Laura Hannah, Operations Director, have also been very busy putting meetings in place for their plans for the company going forward for 2015. Carl and Laura have some very exciting plans in place and hopefully they will reveal very soon. Everyone at CJH Cleaning Services would like to say a big congratulations to Steve, Mobile Supervisor, for passing to become PAT Testing certified, so this gives a little insight of the plans for CJH this year.

New Equipment

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Top of the range equipment is a must when cleaning high spec offices like the E2 Building at Winnersh Triangle. Carl has recently purchased a top of the range scrubber drier, the pics below show Carl training his staff, making sure the machine is used safely and productively. The scrubber dryer that Carl has chosen is one that he is familiar with and cleaners also use this type of Numatic scrubber drier at Farnborough Business Park. The machine cleans and polishes the floors leaving all floors looking clean, fresh and like new. [gallery link="none" ids="8787,8786,8785,8784"]

Christmas Party 2014

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We are very pleased to say CJH Cleaning Services' Christmas Party has now been booked! This is for the appreciation of all the hard work our employees have put into the company. It will be nice to let our hair down and celebrate in style of the success of 2014.

Safe Contractor Approved

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CJH Cleaning Services are pleased to announce we have passed our Safe Contractor accreditation, so we are now Safe Contractor Approved for another year!! What does Safe Contractor Approved mean? The Safe Contractor scheme is designed to review and audit the health and safety policies, procedures and documentation of contractors. Safe Contractors qualified auditors take into consideration the companies profession, industry sector and business size, providing tailored safety audits that help Safe Contractor to identify whether there is suitable and sufficient health and safety compliance within your business.

CJH Are Always There To Help

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A strange request from one of our clients today, we have been asked if we could clean out a spiders nest which has been causing them big problems with spider webs hanging down on their windows. With a little knowledge we are pleased to say we can help!

Car Park Cleaning

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CJH Cleaning Services always go that extra mile... Ever thought of getting your carparks cleaned? This can make big impressions on your visitors and staff from the beginning they arrive! If you would like more information on how we can clean your carparks or any other exterior areas contact us today.
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