Pros and Cons of Hiring a Cleaning Company Pros and Cons of Hiring a Cleaning Company

Pros and Cons of Hiring a Cleaning Company

Pros and Cons of Hiring a Cleaning Company

Should your organisation consider hiring a cleaning company? Of course, we think it’s probably a good idea, that will come as no surprise! So how do you work out where the benefits may be for your own organisation? There are naturally pros and cons of hiring a cleaning company that you should balance. It’s vitally important that you budget appropriately when it comes to your ongoing business maintenance costs. Therefore it makes sense to carefully consider how hiring a cleaning company may benefit your productivity and your staff. We look at the impact that a professional cleaning contract may have on your business to help you to decide.

How does professional cleaning affect…

Work Environment?

The condition and hygiene of a working space mean something. First and foremost, the environment that a business provides for its staff can have an impact on their health. By this we mean both physical and mental health. Indeed, employers are more often prioritising this in their policies.  Access to natural light is key; there’s no point in an office space benefiting from huge glass frontages if light can’t permeate the grime. So professionally cleaned windows and glass partitions can benefit the health of those staff within. 


Could it be that professional cleaners disrupt the flow of work in a business?

All businesses keep different hours and have very unique requirements. If you work with your cleaning company to schedule daily, weekly and monthly tasks around your business calendar, your flow of work can be uninterrupted. The key is in selecting a cleaning company who works collaboratively, as we do here at CJH Cleaning.


The eco responsibilities of a business are formed of both legal duties and pledges within a mission statement or other such policy. Recycling and waste management contracts are key ways in which a business can fulfil its green policy. So ensure that your cleaning company follows stringent processes that reflect your business values.


Are you worried that hiring a cleaning company means the use of harsh chemical products?

This entirely depends on the cleaning partner that you select. Many organisations are extremely conscientious when it comes to the products that they use. Indeed, here at CJH even when we deep clean spaces, we have made sure to find the least abrasive way of working.

Budgets and value?

It’s easy to cut expenditure by slashing cleaning and maintenance budgets. However the impact of this on your building could be financially huge. Your building will always be a flagship when it comes to making that impression that may seal a new contract. Larger commercial buildings have the power to influence its whole surrounding area. So a jet washed exterior has the power to make a whole area appear not just clean, but prosperous.


Isn’t professional cleaning more expensive than doing it in-house?

This concept really is a fiction. Yes, not having a cleaning section of the budget may feel like you’re saving money. However, by expecting cleaning to be undertaken by other employees means that these members of staff aren’t actually spending time on their preliminary tasks. Those tasks which are in their areas of expertise and which could be winning more business for your organisation. This approach also has a detrimental effect on staff morale and productivity.

Staff Productivity?

Office hygiene is one of the most frequent sources of workplace dissatisfaction. A clean space enables clear thinking, so hiring a cleaning company can actually be influential in growing your business. Staff turnover costs can be considerable. So it pays to ensure your staff feel appreciated as they’re more likely to stick around! And the most fundamental way to appreciate staff is to provide them with a clean and hygienic working space.


If the business has not appointed individual cleaners, can you trust them?

By hiring a cleaning company, you enter into a partnership where the cleaning supplier ensures the quality of their staff for your peace of mind. With a focus on selection and training, at CJH Cleaning our clients can attest to the skill and dependability of our cleaning staff.

Where in the office requires professional cleaning?


Office desks, keyboards and phones are a breeding ground for bacteria. A detailed technology clean job can prevent the spread of workplace illness and increase the lifespan of your technology.

Waste Management

Professional waste management service providers have access to the correct recycling and waste processes. This means your business can meet its environmental responsibilities. 


Your professional cleaning contractor’s kit can give your floor a new lease of life. Experience and equipment will rejuvenate your business floor efficiently and effectively.

At Height

Cleaning at height requires stringent health and safety regulation, and equipment. A professional contractor has access to this equipment to make the job quicker, safer and more thorough. 

How to optimise the benefits of professional cleaning

Planning through the seasons

To achieve real cost savings through commercial cleaning and maintenance, it is vital that work is planned. This means you can balance daily, weekly and monthly activity to be spread over the year to benefit from seasonal weather conditions.

Regularity means prevention

Regular cleaning prevents a build-up of detritus and decay that can contribute to major building faults. While some structural problems cannot be avoided, the health of a building can be prolonged through regular upkeep.

To discover more about how hiring a cleaning company can benefit your organisation, just contact us at CJH Cleaning.