The Importance of Having a Clean Office The Importance of Having a Clean Office

The Importance of Having a Clean Office

The Importance of Having a Clean Office

As workers begin to return to office based days on a more regular basis, the condition of the office environment will come under increasing scrutiny. For some buildings, regular cleaning may have taken a back seat when very few people were using the space. This will very quickly become apparent with the presence of more people. Remember, then, that a clean office offers wider benefits than simply looking nice. From health to productivity, we look at the importance of having a clean office. 


Sitting at the forefront of employer responsibility is the health of staff. If this hadn’t been a priority before, the last 18 months will likely have moved this up the list of concerns. So, why is having a clean office important for health?

Personal IT

An office keyboard mouse and phone handset can harbour thousands of germs and bacteria. The daily cleaning down of a workstation can limit the impact of this. 

Communal IT

Similarly, photocopiers and printers are used by multiple people across an organisation, and become shared touchpoints. This can cause the spread of illness across an organisation – not just COVID19, but a whole swathe of other viruses that can impact whole departments. So regular cleaning of these facilities is crucial in health management. 

Business Impact 

So what is the potential impact of unhygienic workstations and shared equipment? This can range from days absent to more integral problems in staff turnover. Staff health can be protected by regular cleaning. Similarly, employees are more likely to remain satisfied in their workplace if it is a clean and constructive place to be.


When part of maintaining staff satisfaction is in working conditions, it’s clear that an office should provide a hygienic environment.  A clean space allows for clear thinking, so commercial cleaning services can actually be instrumental in building the kind of innovative space that progresses and grows a business.


With most activity happening at office desks, it seems obvious that this direct environment should be clean. While part of this is clearly the responsibility of the desk user, it is an organisation’s responsibility to ensure a basic level of cleanliness. While there may be daily clutter, a clean desk and IT equipment can make the difference to the way your staff work.

Meeting Rooms

Whether a meeting room is used to receive potential clients or brainstorm a latest concept, it needs to be a constructive space. Performance and inspiration are key to a successful meeting. In this way, creativity is more likely to be fostered within vibrant and clean surroundings.

First Impressions

From potential clients to new starters, first impressions count. And an office has the benefit of creating multiple first impressions, from the exterior of the building to a reception desk to internal meeting rooms. That’s a lot of building to keep clean and presentable! 


This is something that really counts for businesses. The exterior of a building makes an impression upon potential clients visiting your premises. Keep the facade of your office building clean and well maintained with jet washing of walls, cleaning of windows and upkeep of signage.


The welcome that a visitor receives at an office reception is part of building a first impression. That welcome is in part made by a human being, but is also supported by the building surroundings. So take care to keep foyer and reception areas fresh and clean. In these areas, floors and glass need daily attention. Partitions and internal windows can very quickly become smeared, which is a real detriment to a good first impression.


Office cleaning is actually a very important part of ongoing building maintenance. Indeed, regular office building and equipment maintenance can help to avoid large repair bills.


The external maintenance of your building will be improved by jet washing, which prevents a damaging build up of grime and pollution. When left unchecked, these conditions can encourage mould and degeneration of the building that can be costly to repair. 


The build up of dirt and grime can contribute to the decline of aspects of your building by masking it from view. This means that minor faults can remain undetected until they become much larger, and costly, maintenance issues.


Having a clean office isn’t just about cleaning! It’s also about streamlined and organised facilities provision. Within a commercial cleaning contract, a business can benefit from specialist equipment and range of services. This includes the ability to work at height, specialist IT cleaning kit and electrostatic deep cleaning. All of these things offer benefits to an office beyond basic hygiene. 


There’s a huge amount of logistical workload which goes into office functionality. These include maintaining stock of cleaning and washroom items, waste management, health and safety considerations and insurance administration. By appointing commercial cleaning services, all of these utilities based tasks can be streamlined.

Solar Panels

If your office building benefits from the installation of solar panels, it’s worth regularly cleaning their surfaces. The panels generate up to 20% more energy output when kept clean from pollution and dust. Great for business utility bills!

Specialist Equipment

Specialist cleaning kit is a key part of an annual cleaning schedule. Jet washers, carpet cleaners and electrostatic deep cleaning are just some examples. Although used on an occasional basis, they ensure an impeccable level of office hygiene that benefits the business.

When your office is clean, everyone benefits. From the workforce to the business itself, a well maintained working environment is the foundation of positive results. To discover an office cleaning plan that works for your business just get in touch.