Top 10 reasons your business needs commercial cleaning Top 10 reasons your business needs commercial cleaning

Top 10 reasons your business needs commercial cleaning

Top 10 reasons your business needs commercial cleaning

When should cleaning a business premises be left to the professionals? We’d suggest that most organisations would benefit from the use of a commercial cleaning contract. It’s an aspect of working life which can be overlooked, or scaled back as part of cost savings. However, distributing the tasks of a regular commercial cleaner between your workforce can actually work to the detriment of your business. Here, we give you a run down of the top 10 reasons that your business needs commercial cleaning. 

First Impressions

Over time, neglected cleaning builds up to leave your business premises looking ramshackle and unprofessional. This leaves a bad first impression with visitors and potential clients. As a contributory factor, it can even result in the loss of a contract or partnership. As the saying goes, there is no second chance to make a first impression. So your regular commercial cleaner will ensure that your reception areas, building frontage and meeting rooms are always presented at their best. 

Staff Wellbeing

A clean workplace is one which offers clarity of mind. Your teams are likely to experience higher levels of workplace satisfaction when their surrounding environment is clean. In fact, dissatisfaction with office conditions is a common contributing factor for organisations losing good staff. So, by looking after the wellbeing of your staff with good office hygiene, your business could improve its staff turnover rate. In turn, this brings a cost saving in recruitment and training of new staff.

Illness Prevention

This reason is of huge importance in this age of pandemic. Business owners and managers have a responsibility to provide a work environment that protects against the spread of illness. As well as steps to aid social distancing and promote personal hygiene, office conditions must be clean. Surfaces and communal areas are of key importance in potential transmission of any viral infection. So businesses frequently find that the best way to keep their workforce protected is to contract a commercial cleaner for regular workplace cleaning and occasional deep cleaning procedures.

Time Saving

When you think about it, it doesn’t actually make sense to employ a team based on their experience in one area and then ask them to undertake tasks elsewhere. By relying on your workforce to clean office spaces and communal areas themselves, you are reducing the time that they can dedicate to their actual job. So, their results as well as their stress load, will be affected. By employing a commercial cleaner for this specialised role, your team can focus on what they do best.

Thorough Results

Remember that if staff feel a resentment at being asked to add cleaning tasks onto their existing remit, they are likely to do so half heartedly. In this way, the result is compromised. A commercial cleaning contract carries with it certain standards to be met. Your commercial cleaner will ensure that no corners are cut, and that even those often overlooked nooks and crannies are given due attention. 

Range of Tasks

Through your commercial cleaning company, you can achieve more than just your daily office clean. With just this one supplier, you can schedule waste disposal, sanitary supply, and seasonal floor, carpet, window and solar panel cleaning. As such, this relationship with a commercial cleaning contractor will yield cost savings, as you do not need to source new suppliers for those more seasonal tasks. You also have the knowledge that you’re working with a trusted supplier in multiple areas of your cleaning and maintenance remit.

Workplace Safety

When it comes to dealing with possibly abrasive products, accessing hard to reach areas or working at height, business owners should ask themselves if it is safe for non-cleaning staff to undertake cleaning tasks. Commercial cleaners are fully trained and equipped to deal with these aspects of cleaning. So by leaving premises cleaning to them, you are offering greater workplace safety to the rest of your workforce. 

Productive Working

There are a few different aspects of commercial cleaning that result in an overall more productive workforce. First is the positive working environment that it provides – staff are more content in their surroundings and are therefore able to think more creatively. Secondly, they are not distracted with additional cleaning tasks which eat into their focus time. And lastly, your workforce simply feel more loyal to the organisation by the care that appointing commercial cleaning demonstrates. 

Supporting your Business

A commercial cleaner will schedule their hours around your business needs. The whole point of a commercial cleaning contract is that it supports your business. So cleaning can take place out of normal working hours. In addition, if you include things like sanitary supply and waste disposal, your contract will ensure that these things are never overlooked. Recycling and sustainability commitments come hand in hand with a good cleaning company, so your green business responsibilities are covered.

Equipment Upkeep

Through regular IT and equipment cleaning, the life of machinery can be extended. As part of a general office maintenance schedule, detailed cleaning should play a key role. We tend to ask a lot of our workplace technology, with multiple users and high levels of use. So through specialised IT cleaning as part of your commercial cleaning contract, you can decrease equipment turnaround. 

In a modern business environment that demands higher standards of workforce care and sustainable practices, commercial cleaning is central. It may all happen out of hours and behind closed doors, but we can have a very real benefit to the success of your organisation! Just contact us at CJH Cleaning to find out more.