Top 5 missed places when home cleaning Top 5 missed places when home cleaning

Top 5 missed places when home cleaning

Top 5 missed places when home cleaning

Cleaning a home can feel like an endless task. Especially while people are spending more time within their homes, the place gets dirty surprisingly quickly! Not many people take a methodical approach to the cleaning of their homes, and this means that some places are missed. Commercial cleaning, however, structures regular and seasonal plans to ensure that everything is sufficiently maintained. Maybe home cleaning could take a leaf out of commercial cleaning’s book? So let’s look at where around the house is habitually missed while home cleaning. 

1. Inside Appliances

The appliances that you use to keep other things clean are often overlooked as things to clean themselves! If you let appliances accrue dirt and grime, this will both affect the performance of the appliance and even lead to breakdowns and faults. So how often should you clean the inside of your kitchen appliances?

Washing Machine

There are plentiful products available which will clean your washing machine, but to get results you have to put in some effort! The rubber seal around your washing machine drum is where grime builds up, so this should be wiped down every week or so. You can use something as simple as white vinegar to cut through the grease. 


Similarly there are products galore to clean your dishwasher. However, a cup of household vinegar placed in an upright cup in the top rack will do the trick. Aim to clean your dishwasher monthly. 

Kettle and Toaster

These appliances don’t keep other things clean, but you’ll certainly miss them if they break suddenly! This is why it’s important to descale your kettle and clear the crumb tray of your toaster. 

2. Behind Furniture

Out of sight, out of mind… The build up of dust and grime which lurks behind and under beds, sofas and desks is commonly missed as part of a regular clean. This is fine for the most part, since these places only need cleaning every three to six months. Often, you don’t need to completely move the furniture. These spots don’t accrue stains and grime, so don’t need to be polished or washed. However, the vacuum cleaner needs to make its presence felt! With long attachments, you will be able to reach those tricky spots and whip away dust slugs and cobwebs. If you leave these areas untouched, the build up of dust can contribute to sneezing, irritated eyes and dry skin.

3. Home Office IT

As with a commercial office, IT equipment can be a breeding ground for bacteria. Our tendency to multitask means that bits of food combine with skin and dust to create quite the germ sanctuary. This is especially common while people are working from home for long periods of time. So it’s important to give your home office and IT kit a regular clean. This will keep your desk hygienic and also help to prevent malfunctions due to dirt. But when buttons, hinges and tiny crevices that make up technology are so difficult to clean, how and when should you be cleaning your IT?

Keyboard and Mouse

Although it is just your fingertips that contact your keyboard, all those buttons are the perfect hiding places for germs. An average keyboard plays host to around 3,500 bacteria and 1,500 bacteria on an average mouse. Despite this, these pieces of equipment are tricky to clean and often neglected. Although your home keyboard and mouse won’t have the contact from other people as you’d find in a commercial office, it’s still important to wipe it down weekly. More periodically, your PC or laptop keyboard will benefit from a clean using compressed air.


Unlike the commercial office, with its headsets and desk phones, in your home office you’re likely to use your mobile phone. But when was the last time you thought about cleaning your mobile phone? You should be wiping down a smartphone screen with a microfibre cloth daily. Then periodically delve into your phone case for a more thorough clean with warm water and a mild soap.

4. High Up and Down Low

From up at the top of kitchen cabinets down to skirting boards, anything not in our eye line is susceptible to being missed when cleaning. 


There’s actually no easy answer to how often the high up kitchen areas should be cleaned. Variables like the layout, shape and ventilation of your kitchen will dictate how dirty and greasy those high up places get. If cleaning these high up areas feels like an added chore you don’t need, then old newspaper is your friend! Line the top of the cabinets with old newspaper, then you can remove and replace it every few months. Do be careful to avoid any LED lighting points or other places that get hot.


There’s no need to include skirting boards as part of your weekly home vacuum. However, your floor will look surprisingly improved with clean skirting boards. So every few weeks try to remember to dust this area with your vacuum attachment. 

5. Inside Kitchen Drawers

Simply close the drawer and the dirt has disappeared… This is an attitude that we’re all guilty of! Again, the vacuum attachment is the perfect tool here. When you consider that most of the items in kitchen drawers are involved in your eating, it makes sense to take better care of their hygiene! You should aim to clean the inside of drawers and cupboards a couple of times a year. 

Planning can make the difference and enable you to fit in all those missed places with ease. We hope that your domestic cleaning can benefit from our commercial cleaning perspective!