Top 5 reasons to hire commercial cleaning services Top 5 reasons to hire commercial cleaning services

Top 5 reasons to hire commercial cleaning services

Top 5 reasons to hire commercial cleaning services

When business budgets are under strain, you may start to question the external services that you contract. Perhaps your organisation already uses commercial cleaning services. Alternatively, you may be considering whether commercial cleaning is worth contracting at this time. In fact, something as straightforward as commercial cleaning services can have far reaching benefits across an organisation. These are the top five ways that a commercial cleaner supports your business. 

1. Quality

A good commercial cleaning service prides itself on a high quality result. In this way, when you outsource to a dedicated cleaning company, you know that the hygiene of your workplace is their top priority. The same cannot be said of disgruntled employees who are delegated additional cleaning tasks.


The benefits of hygiene in an office or other workplace are broad. Your workforce are less likely to transmit illness to each other and therefore your business benefits from reduced staff absence. This is a real financial reason to hire commercial cleaning services and is especially relevant since businesses seek to optimise their operations beyond the pandemic. 


The appearance of a working space impacts the impression that individuals make of an organisation. This may be a visiting or potential client, which means that they are more likely to work with your organisation. Similarly, the staff themselves are affected. When poor workplace hygiene is a top reason for staff discontent, you’ll experience less frequent staff turnover. 

2. Reliability

As part of your contract, reliability and regularity should be paramount. It is the responsibility of your cleaning service provider to ensure consistency. So you do not have the responsibility of covering any absence of cleaning staff as you would with in house staff. Most importantly, you can rely on your service organisation to arrange cover as a benefit to outsourcing.

Daily Cleaning

A daily or weekly clean of the workspace is the standard service that many businesses require. These tasks ensure that your staff arrive to a clean desk and that communal areas do not accumulate dirt and grime over time. 

Occasional Cleaning

Contract your commercial cleaning service to schedule occasional cleaning. This is relevant for areas such as flooring, external walls, windows and signage. These more occasional cleaning tasks can often be forgotten, but a cleaning service will ensure that this is not neglected. Additionally, a regularly cleaned building is more equipped to withstand the pressures of weather and pollution

3. Focus

By removing the responsibility of cleaning from your workforce, individuals and teams benefit from increased focus to their professional role. This impacts on individual satisfaction in the workplace and also enables more productive working. Commercial cleaning services achieve this in two ways. 


Your commercial cleaner will clean your workplace around your business hours. In this way, there is no interruption to your flow of business. So whether it’s daily cleaning or deep cleaning, disruption to routine is never desirable. In this way, your teams are able to continue seamlessly in their working schedule whilst benefiting from their clean surroundings. 


By providing your workforce with a clean and clear environment, you allow the clarity of thinking that empowers creative thought and productive working. Teams have more time when they don’t need to factor in delegated cleaning tasks, which means they can focus on their business priorities. Ultimately, this benefits the performance of individuals and as a result, your business. 

4. Specialist

The services available from a commercial cleaning contractor are not limited to regular surface cleans. With the skills and equipment required, commercial cleaners are able to undertake detailed and specialist tasks as part of their contract. Therefore, you can access extended services without expanding your pool of suppliers. 


Office IT equipment attracts a lot of dirt, grime and bacteria. As a result, we understand the importance of maintaining surface hygiene for keyboards and telephone headsets. However, it’s important to give IT equipment a deeper clean periodically. Specialist IT cleaning can extend the lifespan of your IT equipment as well as laying the foundation for a healthier workspace

Deep Cleaning

Increasingly popular as part of a COVID protection policy, workplaces require deep cleaning services, which can be disruptive. However, at CJH Cleaning, we offer specialist electrostatic cleaning. This process is quick, thorough and reduces the need for abrasive chemicals because of the electrostatic mist that sanitises surfaces and angles. 

5. Additional Services

It makes financial sense to limit the number of liaison points in your operations schedule. In this way, when a commercial cleaning services provider offers additional services, it makes sense to take advantage of this. From washroom management to building maintenance for example, you’ll benefit from using a single supplier. 

Waste Management

Recycling is an important part of office green policy. In this way, ensure that your waste management includes recycling provision, responsible waste management and bathroom provision. There’s an increased business priority to ensure adequate provision of hygiene products, and recycling of glass and cans as well as paper. 


Cleaning is an important part of building maintenance. While cleaning services cannot deal with structural issues, tasks such as jet washing and window cleaning prevent the degradation that neglected parts of a building experience. Minor problems may suggest wider issues, and these can be acted on earlier if they’re identified. 

From the health of your workforce to the health of your building, commercial cleaning services have a great deal to offer. Some benefits are direct and some impact ways of working for the better. If you would like top explore what commercial cleaning services can offer your business, just get in touch.