What cleaning products should be used at home? What cleaning products should be used at home?

What cleaning products should be used at home?

What cleaning products should be used at home?

Not all commercial cleaning requires industrial strength products and kit. We’re not just about power washing and deep cleaning. In fact there’s a lot that our customers can take away when they’re maintaining every day hygiene at home. From deciding what cleaning products should be used at home to managing your workload, we look at cleaning at home with a professional approach.

Be discerning

It’s easy to select the most abrasive product on the assumption that this will make cleaning your home easier. However, these products can damage surfaces and materials. So it’s important that you select your products with your home in mind. Do you have hardwood furniture? Or granite kitchen surfaces? It’s worth making sure that you clean your home conscientiously with either specialist or mild products.

Home cleaning products

So, which cleaning products should you use for different aspects of your home?

Best for technology

As with office cleaning, home IT equipment can be a breeding ground for bacteria. A can of compressed air is a vital piece of kit to clean all those nooks and crannies in keyboards and headphones.

Best for surfaces

Scoring high in effectiveness and versatility of use, a good stock of microfibre cloths will keep your surfaces gleaming. From kitchen worktops to shelves to coffee tables, these products will dust, scrub and wipe down like no other. 

Best for windows

Great for fans of reusing items, newspaper is a great glass cleaner. First spray windows, mirrors and shower screens alike either with a window cleaning solution or household vinegar. Next, use crumpled up newspaper to polish away grime and streaks. It’s the gently abrasive combination of paper and ink which makes this technique so timeless!

Best for bathrooms

Mould, mildew and limescale are the scourge of every bathroom, domestic and commercial alike. Ventilation and drying surfaces are best practices to prevent the build up of these issues. As well as all purpose daily cleaners, make sure you treat your bathrooms with limescale remover and mould remover so that problems never get out of control.

Best for kitchens

An office kitchen comes under as much, if not more, strain as a domestic kitchen. The space typically features a variety of surface materials, from tables to work surfaces, cabinets to shelving. So select a gentle multi surface cleaner to best support all of the materials that you find in your kitchen.

Best for floors

From wooden hallways to tiled kitchens, hard flooring can quickly accrue dirt and grime. In this way, it makes a difference to be able to clean easily and regularly. So invest in a good mop that you will actually use. ‘Superdry’ designs which clean, absorb and dry the floor are practical and efficient.

Best for families

As different industries require a different focus of their office cleaning, so too do different households. Families, especially those with young children should make sure to be stocked with specialised products. By this we mean stain removers and adhesive removers. You know who you are!

Best for pets

If you’re a pet owner, the vacuum cleaner is your friend! It is worth investing in this piece of kit to minimise the time that you spend cleaning up all the pet hair! Brands such as Shark, Miele and Dyson all offer specialised pet vacuum cleaners.

Sustainable cleaning products

At CJH Cleaning, we only use eco-friendly cleaning products. We think that with the amount of cleaning that we undertake, this makes a real difference! At home, you may feel that your decisions wouldn’t have as much impact. However every little helps! So choose your products with sustainability in mind. Ecover and Ecozone are cleaning brands which are available in most supermarkets. Even better, refill your spray bottles with eco-friendly solution at a zero waste shop! You can also make a difference by keeping your cleaning cloths in use as long as possible. Wash them without fabric softener, or in the top section of your dishwasher, to prolong their life.

Household items

One of the most sustainable ways of cleaning your home is to make your own cleaning solutions with everyday household items and products. Household white vinegar is a hugely versatile liquid which also sanitises. Its acidity makes it inappropriate for some porous surfaces such as marble, granite and wood, but sinks, bathrooms, windows and mirrors will come up gleaming. Mix vinegar with bicarbonate of soda to tackle limescale and stains.

Tips from the professionals

Of course, good cleaning is not just down to products. There are other professional approaches that you can employ when it comes to cleaning your home.


Commercial office cleaners will run to a specific schedule to maximise efficiency. Similarly, you will find that if you employ a simple plan, your home cleaning will become less of a chore. Rotate tasks such as internal windows, skirting, and cabinets over a period of weeks so they don’t all end up desperate for a clean at the same time!


Commercial cleaners ensure that office equipment is in action for longer by keeping it free of grime. The same principal goes for the kit in your home, and especially your kitchen. Appliances such as your oven, washing machine, dishwasher and kettle should be regularly cleaned to prevent break downs. You can choose from a variety of specialist cleaning solutions, but running hot cycles (or a boil and rinse for the kettle) with a household vinegar solution will also do the trick.

Cleaning at home and cleaning an office follow many of the same principles. Your home may require some specialised products, as may an office. However, use more gentle, eco-friendly and home based products and you’ll discover a less abrasive, more sustainable process.