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Why are commercial cleaning services so popular?

Why are commercial cleaning services so popular?

The value of having a clean and hygienic working environment is not in doubt. Especially during a time of the pandemic, employers and business owners have been quick to realise how the health of their workforce and productivity of the business relies on maintaining a healthy workspace. So why not just delegate cleaning tasks to staff under the job description note “any other duties”?  There is a multitude of reasons that this approach will not help your business. It’s what has made commercial cleaning services so popular. We’ll look here at the different areas of value that commercial cleaning services bring to the businesses who utilise their expertise.

A Clean Space

Really, the biggest thing that makes commercial cleaning services so popular is that businesses want to have a clean environment. Any potential clients who visit an office will make judgements on the business by what they see there. Similarly, to attract high-quality staff during an interview process, it is vital to make a good impression by the cleanliness of a working environment.

Quality of Work

Commercial cleaning services must provide a high-quality result. Their business relies upon it! When you outsource to a dedicated cleaning company, you know that they place the satisfaction of their client at the top of their priorities. Staff who are expected to add cleaning duties to their existing workload are likely to do so begrudgingly. And this will show in the results! Professional cleaners have the experience and skills to ensure high quality and immaculate finish, which will benefit your business.


As part of your contract to receive commercial cleaning services, reliability and regularity will be key. It is the responsibility of your service provider to ensure consistency of cleaning. So any absence of cleaning staff is not your problem, and you can rely on the service organisation to arrange cover. This is a huge benefit of any outsourcing decision, and commercial cleaning is no different.


Most workplaces are already stretched in terms of working hours. Staff put in a lot of time, and with global relationships to foster, the hours that an office is in use can be extensive. Offices are busy places, where ongoing activity makes cleaning the space even more of a challenge. Commercial cleaning services are scheduled specifically to the organisation when the workspace is not being used by the business. This means that cleaners can work efficiently and thoroughly, and business can continue uninterrupted.


When you engage in a commercial cleaning contract, one of the benefits that you are buying into is the specialist equipment that they utilise. This ranges from the ability to work at height to specialist IT cleaning kit to electrostatic deep cleaning. Such an extensive range of capability is not something that can be provided in house. 

Staff Focus

A working space should foster a positive environment for workers to function productively. That is, one that is not cluttered and grimy! A clean space allows for clear thinking, so commercial cleaning services can actually be paramount in building the kind of innovative space that progresses and grows a business.

Healthy Workforce

The health of a workforce has a huge impact on the performance of a business. From days absent to problems in staff turnover, the condition of an office environment can make a difference. Office desks and communal areas can be a breeding ground for bacteria, so by regularly and thoroughly cleaning these areas, staff health can be improved. Similarly, staff are more likely to remain satisfied in their workplace if it is a clean and constructive place to be. More and more business leaders are beginning to appreciate this, which has led to a further rise in the popularity of cleaning services.

Logistical Load

Cleaning a commercial space isn’t just about the act of cleaning itself. There’s a huge amount of logistical workload which goes into the process. These include maintaining the stock of cleaning and washroom items, managing schedules and annual leave, legislative and accreditation requirements and insurance administration. By outsourcing to commercial cleaning services, all of this logistical load is removed from your organisation.

Range of Services

Of course, commercial cleaning services cover more than simply managing the daily clean of your office. Part of the popularity of these services comes down to the breadth of a provision that a business can access. You can amalgamate daily cleaning with window cleaning, flooring upkeep, washroom provisions and waste management. All integrated under one service provider. This means that your business has fewer liaison points, and can realise overall cost benefits too.

Long Term Impact

The thorough standard provided by a commercial cleaning services provider pays out long term. You’ll find that areas such as IT equipment will perform for longer when they are regularly cleaned. The external maintenance of your building will be improved by jet washing, which prevents a damaging build-up of grime and pollution. If you benefit from the use of solar panels, the business will reap up to 20% more energy output when the surfaces are cleaned.


Many businesses now have environmental and sustainability commitments within their policies. A benefit to engaging commercial cleaning services is that you can select a provider who implements eco-friendly products and practices.

The benefits of outsourcing the cleaning requirements of your business are significant, then. And they offer in return much more value than you outlay in the initial cost. When it comes down to it, then, this wise financial investment is fundamentally what makes commercial cleaning services so popular.