With vaccinations rolling out, is it still necessary to clean thoroughly to tackle Covid-19? With vaccinations rolling out, is it still necessary to clean thoroughly to tackle Covid-19?

With vaccinations rolling out, is it still necessary to clean thoroughly to tackle Covid-19?

With vaccinations rolling out, is it still necessary to clean thoroughly to tackle Covid-19?

Restrictions are being lifted, and more of the population are gaining their ‘double jabbed’ status. Most of us are eagerly looking forward to some kind of normality resuming. This sense of normality will certainly include increased use of the office. Workforces may still retain some level of flexible working, but this will be balanced with office based activity. Indeed, we’ve come to realise just how communication and creativity benefit from the collaborative office environment. So, should this have a direct result on office cleaning? If COVID presents less of a risk with vaccinations rolling out, is it still necessary to clean thoroughly? 

The New Normal

It’s fair to say that the new normal, certainly in the medium term, will be a mix of office and home based working. So is it logical to make the leap that with less office use comes less office upkeep? Not so in reality. Businesses should maintain regularity of cleaning regardless of the number of people using an office space. Indeed, dirt and grime will be even more noticeable with fewer people in a space. This in turn impacts the working environment. The value that is placed on a workforce should always be reflected in the quality of working environment that a business provides. This is why clean workspaces always bring out the best in professional teams. 

Benefits of Regular Cleaning

Regular, thorough cleaning brought a huge range of benefits before COVID hit, and will continue to do so long after. So which benefits of regular thorough cleaning are relevant no matter what our pandemic status?

Health and Hygiene

Yes, there are other transmissible illnesses out there, and always will be. So never forget that regular professional cleaning in a working environment will help to maintain the health of your staff and reduce absence. Especially on keyboards and desktops where bacteria breeds regardless of how often the space is used. As we all know, absence causes a drop in productivity. This means that the most fundamental way to safeguard your productivity is by maintaining the hygiene of a working environment.

Positive Environment

Let’s not forget how our surroundings impact upon the way that we feel. Staff feel more positive and optimistic in a clean, fresh environment. This mental clarity can breed more innovative thinking and corporate loyalty within teams. The conditions of a workspace is one of the most cited reasons for leaving a role. In this way, you can prevent staff turnover by maintaining thorough office cleaning.

First Impressions

As restrictions ease, more visitors will be welcomed into buildings. These occasions may be meetings with wider parts of the organisation, or visits by potential clients. In these situations, first impressions count. This goes for both the external and internal areas of your building. Often a potential customer forms a first impression even before entering the premises. 


Could it be that with the decrease of office use, staff should be called upon to cover cleaning themselves? Don’t forget that this has an impact both on the value that staff feel is placed on their contributions, and in the time and focus that they can commit to their role. Professional cleaning contracts alleviate this and allow the workforce to apply themselves fully to what they were employed to do in the first place!

Cost Savings

Regular, thorough cleaning contributes to cost savings in so many subtle ways. As we’ve covered above, thorough office cleaning improves focus, productivity and turnover. These may be non-quantifiable but they are very real! Don’t forget that your professional cleaning contractor can undertake more seasonal cleaning tasks like floor and window cleaning or solar panel and pressure washing. By maintaining this single supplier of services, you’ll see cost savings over time.


The more thorough the cleaning, the more likely it is that potential maintenance issues will be spotted and even prevented! So much office disrepair is caused by long term wear and tear. The lifespan of IT equipment is extended by implementing targeted IT cleaning. When organisations are so IT reliant, breakdowns of this nature can be catastrophic for productivity. So it really is worth taking care of the kit! 

Best Practice

In so many ways, organisations have begun to realise that they must employ best practice. This is true in staff training, sustainability commitments and social responsibility. It’s also true in the workplace environment. As we have come to understand, virus spread is not something that has an end date. So hygiene must be prioritised in order to maintain best practice within a workplace environment. This ensures your workforce has as safe and supportive a workplace as can be expected. Our standards have all risen – let’s keep it that way!

The Unknown Future

If the pandemic has taught us anything, it is that we simply don’t know what is around the corner. An employer or building manager’s duty of care is to take the utmost hygiene precautions as standard. This way, we can all be sure that should a virus rear its ugly head, we’ve all been taking preventative measures in the beforehand. Further waves of COVID are a very real possibility, regardless of the vaccine programme. So we should have all learnt to expect the unexpected. Regular, thorough cleaning should form the foundation of our basic standard of working. We may not know what’s around the corner but we can look after our today. 

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