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How to Really Clean Your Keyboard

Of all the habits that you might be thinking of changing this January, cleaning your keyboard more regularly is probably not one. But it should be! It might not be as exciting as Dry January or signing up for a marathon, but it could change your life! So we want to share tips on how […]

When Stains Strike… How to Save your Carpet

Accidents happen. No matter how many precautions we take, eventually, all carpets will be spilt on. So when this happens, you need to be able to deal with it. This guide will show you how to get oil out of a carpet, absorb paint or ink, and manage the onslaught of muddy feet! Whether your […]

When to Choose a Professional Cleaning Job and How to Price it

For businesses large and small, budgets have become increasingly tricky to balance. And office cleaning is no different. You wouldn’t be alone in thinking that you can trim some of your budget from your workplace hygiene contracts. However, sometimes the most economically prudent course of action is to choose a professional cleaning job. So in […]

Most Common Unhygienic Office Habits

The modern office can be a wonderful place. Clean lines, modern decor and cutting edge technology. These spaces can foster creativity and productivity. It all comes down to nothing, though, if you’re surrounded by all things unhygienic! In fact, filthy workplace habits can ruin the workplace environment entirely and even spoil specific design features.  The […]

Can Communal Area Rules Solve Workplace Cleaning Battles?

Who dares tackle the subject of the office kitchen?! It’s the space that causes the most unnecessary tension amongst colleagues. This all comes down to whether communal area rules are followed. Unless everybody pulls their weight, this and other communal spaces can turn into a battleground. Not only this, but they can become hives of […]

Dressed Windows: The Importance of Office Window Cleaning

Whether you’re looking in or looking out, clean windows are important. In the commercial environment even more so. And what more vital part of a window that its transparency? For a dirty office window, compromising transparency through smearing and grime can have a huge effect on business, productivity and brand image. Why is this, though? […]

7 Ways That the Appearance of Your Office Building Can Effect Business

How important is the appearance of your office? We’re talking about the cleanliness of the windows and the condition of the paintwork. The level of clutter around desk areas and functionality of waste containers. The internal and external state of repair and condition of the space has far reaching consequences to the business itself that […]

How dirty is your office desk?

The average desktop harbours 20,961 germs per square inch. And that’s before you get into the IT on the desk: a phone, keyboard, mouse and printer. From coffee cups to office biscuits to tissues, a desk is a breeding ground for bacteria. As staff spend more time at their desk each day, working longer hours […]

Cleaning Sustainably – How to be More Eco-friendly in the Commercial Sphere

Do you want to be more eco-friendly? Yes? Pretty much everyone will do what they can to make a small difference in their surrounding environment or the wider world. Sustainability is a massive buzzword in commercial business. Organisations large and small are paying more focus to their environmental responsibilities. Indeed, changing regulations are demanding more […]

How to Achieve Cost Savings Through Regular Cleaning and Maintenance

From new buildings to old, industrial spaces to open plan offices, the health of a commercial building has very real implications on the health of a business. The key to optimising this lies in the repair of the building. A building owner or business manager will dread learning that a major structural refurbishment is required. […]

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