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Dressed Windows: The Importance of Office Window Cleaning

By April 10, 2024April 15th, 2024No Comments

Whether you’re looking in or looking out, clean windows are important. In the commercial environment even more so. And what more vital part of a window that its transparency? For a dirty office window, compromising transparency through smearing and grime can have a huge effect on business, productivity and brand image. Why is this, though? And how do you ensure you’re getting the best from your windows?
Clean Window Benefits
Well maintained and regularly cleaned windows can offer tangible advantages to businesses of all sizes. From reputation to health, your window cleanliness could be leaving ripples of which you were previously unaware.
Corporate Image
This is all about first impressions. They count and we all know it. So if your office is littered with grimy, unappealing windows, what message is this sending to visitors? When these visitors may be investors, potential clients or associates, can you afford to leave them uncleaned? Ensure your corporate image is highlighting your attention to detail by maintaining a sterling first impression!
Natural Light
The function of a window is, of course, to illuminate a space with natural light. This is important to employees. The people who spend most of the day in a professional building can benefit from improved health by experiencing higher levels of natural light. Vision, wellbeing and mental clarity are improved. This can only be a good thing for your business!
The cleanliness of your windows is more than just aesthetic. The build up of grime and bacteria can damage seals, hinges and frames. These maintenance issues, if left unattended, can run up a huge cost to your business. There is also the matter of the health of those coming into contact with the windows. A surface breeding bacteria will become unhealthy to those in the surrounding space. So to ensure your staff enjoy optimal health, see to it that windows are not left to breed bacteria.
A result of both the light-diffusing properties and maintenance of your windows, the productivity of your staff can rely on windows. Clean windows promote the enhanced focus and clarity that an environment rich in natural light produces. Not only this, but by ensuring hygienic surfaces throughout your office (not just on desks!) the workforce will benefit from better health and fewer sick days.
Cleaning Timeline
How often should commercial windows be cleaned? The more frequently the better. Especially if you want to make the most of the conditions that clean and clear windows have on a business. The recommended clearing frequency often depends on several aspects, though.
Is your office located in a city, or on a major traffic thoroughfare? The surrounding daily pollution will have an impact on how regularly you external windows need to be cleaned. In contrast, more rural locations generally experience less of this type of pollution. However, don’t forget about other aspects to your business location. The position could be susceptible to the spread of mud and dirt, or of strong winds, for example.
Time of year
Window cleaning frequency may need to vary through the year. With windy and wet conditions over the late Autumn through Winter, your building’s windows can become filthy in a fraction of the time that you find in the Spring. Similarly, an excessively hot Summer can result in sticky, dusty windows that require frequent cleaning. When you establish a long term contract with a commercial cleaning company, they can offer the flexibility to have all the seasons covered!
Your area of business can play a part in when and how often you should have your office windows cleaned. High levels of coming and going, or deliveries, can mean that dirt is transferred to windows more frequently. For businesses involved in health, food or service, spotlessness is a vital part of brand image.
Window Tips
It’s all about making your windows work for your business. This part of your building is full of opportunity. So for both internal and external windows, why not make the most of your regularly cleaned commercial windows?
Convey a message
From advertising to branding, windows are great to elevate an office design concept. Enhance exterior facing windows with vinyl graphics or even etching. These techniques are eye-catching and informative. To maximise the message, the key is to keep these windows looking shiny and bright!
Offer privacy
Glass technology offers a huge number of possibilities to businesses. Windows can change from clear to opaque at the touch of a button. Soundproofing is second to none and glass is a desirable contemporary finish for the office. By maximising natural light while maintaining privacy, internal windows, when cared for, are an ideal office solution.
Support inclusivity
Does your office feature internal windows between office spaces? Glass office partitions? Don’t block them off with blinds all day. Although it’s true there are some demands in business that require complete privacy, this doesn’t go all day every day! You’ll find that by embracing the transparency of windows, you can build a culture of transparency within an organisation. Barriers between departments and management can be softened by simply being visible.
Windows really are important in creating a positive working environment. They have the power to lift your workforce and win over clients. So the next time you prioritise cleaning across the workplace, make sure the windows are up there. It’s where they deserve to be! To discover what your perfect commercial window cleaning programme would be, or simply to get a quote, just call us here at CJH Cleaning!