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Floor Cleaning

Have your floors or carpets lost their sparkle? Don’t surrender to ‘grime and gloom’! We’re here to breathe new life into your flooring. We specialise in rejuvenating tired carpets and wearied floors, restoring their original lustre and vibrancy.

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Professional Cleaning Solutions

Leveraging the most advanced technology in the industry, we provide effective stain removal solutions, revive faded colours, and enhance the lifespan of your flooring. Regular maintenance with our services can extend the life of your carpets by a staggering 75%.

We take pride in our comprehensive repertoire of services, including:

  • Professional Carpet Cleaning Services
  • Commercial Carpet Cleaning Services
  • Extraction Cleaning
  • Steam Cleaning
  • Bonnet Buffing
  • Stain Prevention
  • Fibre Shield Process
  • Carpet Maintenance
  • Floor Restoration
  • Floor Polishing Services

Additionally, we extend our expertise to floor restoration for all types of flooring materials. Whether your premises boast marble, granite, terrazzo, or any other luxurious material, our service ensures your floors maintain their rich, eye-catching appearance.

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Utilising our Team’s Experience

Investing in expert, professional carpet cleaning and floor polishing services is critical. The use of incorrect cleaning methods or chemicals by untrained individuals can lead to irreparable, costly damage. At CJH Cleaning Services, you can trust our thoroughly trained professionals to employ the safest and most effective techniques.

Our cutting-edge diamond pad technology breathes new life into dull-looking floors, restoring them to their near-original condition. This ensures that your commercial spaces always come across as impressive and immaculately maintained.

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Our Floor Cleaning Locations

We offer floor cleaning and polishing services across Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, Hampshire, and Surrey, with a particular emphasis on the Slough and Farnborough areas.

If our commercial carpet cleaning services pique your interest, contact us today for a free site survey. You can also explore our wide range of other cleaning services we provide to satisfy your unique needs.

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Partner with Us

We’re not just another cleaning company – we’re your partner in maintaining a pristine, healthy, and visually appealing business environment. Reach out to us today, and let our expertise in cleaning services work wonders for your premises.

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CJH Cleaning Services is more than just a cleaning company; we’re your partner in maintaining a clean, safe, and welcoming environment. Contact us today to discuss your cleaning needs, and let us tailor a solution that works for you. We’re here to make your business shine.

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