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When to Choose a Professional Cleaning Job and How to Price it

By April 10, 2024April 15th, 2024No Comments

For businesses large and small, budgets have become increasingly tricky to balance. And office cleaning is no different. You wouldn’t be alone in thinking that you can trim some of your budget from your workplace hygiene contracts. However, sometimes the most economically prudent course of action is to choose a professional cleaning job. So in this ever competitive commercial environment, what are the tasks that really need a professional hand? And what should you understand about how to price a cleaning job?
Who Should Clean?
For small businesses, it is tempting to spread the burden of office cleaning amongst the workforce. However, this is often a breeding ground for discontent. Not to mention for germs when individuals fail to pull their weight! So for any size of business, there is value in removing the responsibility of cleaning from your office workers. Don’t forget that cleaning in commercial premises is actually quite complex. It’s one thing to expect your staff to wash up their cups at the end of the day. It’s quite another to expect them to take on more detailed cleaning than is required in an office.
Heavy-Duty Cleaning Jobs
So which specific aspects of a cleaning job are always best left to the professionals?
Office floors can be easily neglected. After all, who looks at a floor? Well, lots of people actually – especially clients! Almost imperceptibly, office carpets can deteriorate to such an extent that they affect first impressions. Your professional cleaning contractor will have access to and experience with intensive carpet cleaning equipment. This kit can give your floor a new lease of life. The job will be achieved more quickly and effectively in the hands of office cleaners who are focussed on the task.
At Height
Some aspects of commercial or office cleaning require working at height. This may mean windows, ceilings, solar panels or signage. This type of cleaning is subject to stringent health and safety requirements. This cleaning job may require a water fed pole system and powered access platforms. A professional contractor will have access to this equipment to make the job quicker and more thorough.
Industries and areas which require specialist cleaning include industrial zones, medical premises and even schools. These require specific equipment, training standards and processes. When your experienced cleaning contractor carries these as standard, these reassurances are included when they price a cleaning job of this type.
Detailed Cleaning Jobs
It’s not just heavy duty cleaning that benefits from the hands of professionals. In addition, detailed jobs are achieved to a superior standard by an experienced contractor.
With so many tiny nooks and crannies, your office desk computer and phone setups are a breeding ground for bacteria. This is mainly down to food particles and contact with hands and faces. As a one-off or occasional deep cleanse, this detailed cleaning job can prevent the spread of workplace illness and increase the lifespan of your technology.
Waste Management
As businesses become increasingly aware of the importance of recycling materials, this aspect of waste management is incredibly important. Experience and knowledge of the waste process is vital here. Professional waste management service providers have access to the correct recycling and waste processes. This can help your business confidently meet its environmental commitments in terms of recycling and waste responsibility.
Everyday Cleaning Jobs
Many of the cleaning jobs that we have mentioned need to be undertaken with some degree of regularity. Add to this the requirement for everyday office cleaning. From desks to the kitchen, is this something that your business has struggled to keep under control? One of the most frequent sources of workplace dissatisfaction is office hygiene. So actually, outsourcing the everyday cleaning of your office can benefit staff satisfaction.
How to Price and Budget
Every cleaning contract is different. This is down to variety of specialism, detail and frequency, along with differences in size and scale of building. So how can you know what to expect when you seek to fulfil a cleaning job? There are a few things to consider.
Size of Space
You will need to work out your office floor area, number of desks, bathrooms and communal spaces. All of these things affect how to price a cleaning job. One thing remains true though, the frequency of contracts will always bring the overall price down when compared to one-off cleans.
Be Specific About Your Needs
Talk to your commercial cleaner about your expectations and requirements. Explain to them how the space is used. When and where things get busy, and which areas come under the most scrutiny from visitors. An experienced professional cleaner can advise how best to utilise their services within your price budget.
Draft a Plan
Cleaning is a cyclical affair. This is one thing that domestic and commercial cleaning has in common. So alongside your regular daily or weekly clean, take the time to plan for seasonal cleans to windows, signage and flooring. This will help you to balance your budget across the year.
Consolidate Your Suppliers
Once you have your plan of cleaning and waste management requirements, you can consolidate your contract with one supplier. This tends to bring price benefits. So rather than working out how to price a cleaning job individually, your overall contract covers these individual things over the year. From regular to occasional cleaning, internal to external, maintenance to waste removal, CJH cleaning have the experience and knowledge to structure a plan and a price that works for your business. So just contact us for a quote.